After a daycare injury happens to your child, you may be inclined to post about it on social media. It might be to warn other parents in your area about what happened or to update friends and family on how your child is doing. And we understand you have good intentions. But we generally tell clients to avoid posting about the situation on social media. Here are the main reasons why. First, if you want to pursue a legal claim against the daycare, the wording used in your posts can be used against you. Second, the daycares defense lawyers will use anything they can to win their case, even if that means taking things from your social media. But an example would be if a relative asks how's your child doing? And you say he's okay. They'll try to argue that your child is not really injured. But another tool that daycares defense lawyers could use against you are common things that parents post like a photo of their family or child. For example, if you post a picture of your child playing with friends after the injury, or out on a family vacation, that defense lawyers may argue that the child was not traumatized. And finally, unintentionally saying something that hurts your child's case. Like if you say I should have known this what happened. The daycares defense team will take that statement out of context and argue you could have prevented this as the parent. The truth is these tactics are not fair. But in the end, the old saying of anything you say can and will be used against you is never more true than when you're posting to social media. To avoid this, we always recommend that parents don't give them the opportunity. If you have questions about making a claim against a daycare after your child was abused or neglected. Reach out to our team. We can help guide you are making the best decisions for your child and the case. If you want to learn more about what to do after a daycare injury. Download our FREE Five Step Guide. It's linked below. We are passionate about helping parents across Texas keep their children safe and daycare.
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