How Do I Know When I Need a Lawyer for My Car Wreck Claim?

Not every car wreck do you need a lawyer, but you should seriously consider hiring a lawyer if you were:

In these cases, they involve investigations that are different from other car wrecks. For example, we need to figure out where the drunk driver was coming from, because there may be a potential Dram Shop case there. And that's where the bar or restaurant could be held responsible for overserved the driver.

Other insurance policies may also be at play. For example, who owned the vehicle and who gave them the keys to the car. In the end, our goal is to help victims of DWI wrecks pursue every avenue of justice available to them.

Wrecks involving 18 wheelers present a lot of different obstacles from other cases. First, the insurance companies are going to hire a big time defense lawyer to try to hide what happened. Second, there's going to be a lot of different insurance policies, and we got to figure out which one applies. And finally, we also need to do an immediate investigation to figure out if the truck driver was overworked, unqualified, untrained, unupervised or all the above. You're going to want a team that's experienced in trucking cases to expose what happened and why.

Car wreck cases that involve a distracted driver are going to need an experienced team that knows how to investigate it and preserve the important evidence. And it's clear what that is in these cases--it's the cell phone records of the other driver. Now, without that evidence, these cases become difficult, if not impossible. But they can be big cases; you're just going to need a team that's experienced and knows how to navigate them.

Multicar pile-ups involves several vehicles, competing claims, and several different insurance policies. Now everyone's going to fight to not take responsibility and blame the other. And that's why you're going to need to hire an attorney and a team that know how to quickly navigate the insurance claims process.

Wrecks Involving Serious Injury or Death

And finally, if you're involved in the crash that caused a serious injury or death, you're going to want to hire an attorney and hire one quickly. Serious injuries means that the medical treatment is going to last a long time. You're going to need an attorney and team that understands how to help, that understands the true impact of serious damage cases and the ripple effects from it. You're going to want a team that doesn't just have the right resources to get you the right treatment, but can help you recover the max value for your future care needs.

Whenever a car wreck results in the death, there are a lot of things that need to be figured out up front. A team experienced in wrongful death cases can help you and your family figure out who has a claim, and also help you navigate the probate process, and in the end, figure out who's accountable and hold them responsible for what happened. From the moment a car wreck happens when someone dies, you're going to want to hire an attorney and their team quickly. That way you and your family can have the time to grieve properly. Not all car wrecks are gonna require an attorney; but when they do, know that consultations with our team are always free. We will always do more to keep you and your family moving forward.