What All Texans Should Know About Bike Accidents

Riding a bike is meant to be a fun activity. Yet, reckless and dangerous drivers can make a fun bike ride turn dangerous quickly. Learn more about what to do after being injured while on a bike ride from our Dallas serious injury attorney of the Button Law Firm.

Bike riders everywhere are conscious of the dangers of bad drivers when sharing the road with vehicles. They do everything they can to protect themselves by choosing to wear a helmet, or other protective gear like reflective clothing, and following the rules of the road to stay as safe as possible. While riding, unfortunately, bike riders aren't treated with the same common courtesy that they should be, and we've seen several cases where bike riders are seriously injured while trying to just enjoy a nice bike ride, what happens if a reckless driver hits you while you're on your bike?

What to Know If You Were Hit By a Reckless Driver While On Your Bike

Can you hold them accountable if you're seriously injured? If you do find yourself in that situation, first, we recommend that you seek medical help immediately. Be sure to gather as much information from the driver as possible, including their license plate, full name, insurance information, and contact information are essential. Getting photos of the damage is also key. The more proof you have from the scene of the incident, the more it'll help your case because sometimes drivers might claim that the wreck didn't even happen.

Gather the contact information of any witnesses who might have seen the entire thing because, generally, police reports won't include the list of witnesses and their contact information. Finally, make sure the police were called to do a police report at the scene. If not, make sure you file the report with the proper police department to document the incident after leaving the scene and getting medical treatment. We recommend that you contact a Texas personal injury attorney that understands these types of cases. Here's why we say that if you want your car insurance to cover you, you'll need to be able to prove that the wreck actually happened. The same goes for recovering your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages from the driver's insurance after being hit while on your bike. You'll need help with finding the right doctor for your injuries, help with transportation while you're recovering and navigating, and knowing what insurance options are available to you as a bike rider. If you need more guidance on your serious injury claim after being hit by a reckless driver on your bike, contact our team. We have experience handling these types of cases, and we work hard to make sure you're able to get your life back on track and move forward with all the right tools.

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