What Parents Need to Know About Emotional Abuse in Daycares

Let’s face it—daycare and after-school care are a fact of life for most families today. To make ends meet, both parents must work and need quality childcare for their pre-school-aged kids while they are at work. This can be more challenging for single parents, who have even less income to put towards the cost of daycare. To meet the demand and keep their services affordable, some daycare centers cut corners and create unsafe environments for the children they are supposed to be protecting. When choosing a daycare provider, it can be hard to know if the facility is a safe place for your child.

How The Button Law Firm Helps Families in Texas After a Daycare Injury

Our children are the most vulnerable members of our society. Our Texas daycare injury lawyer has a passion for keeping kids safe and holding caregivers accountable for every child they harm directly or through negligence or incompetence. Not only are we committed to making sure the injured child is compensated for their suffering, but we also want to send a message to the childcare provider that we will not accept dangerous conditions that harm children. When your child is injured or neglected in a daycare facility, call us for the legal help you will need to seek justice for your child and to make our community safer for all children.

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