Sadly, deaths from boating incidents are a real and ongoing issue in Texas.

Everything from a lack of operator training, to the consumption of drugs or alcohol can be contributors to these deaths.

Today, we want to bring attention to the very concerning issue of child deaths from boating incidents – and what parents can do to get justice. Let’s get into some of the common causes of fatal boating accidents that harm children.

They might include:

  • Operating the boat while drunk or on drugs
  • Driving the boat recklessly – including going too fast
  • And not providing enough life jackets for the people on board

Boating-related deaths can happen in a variety of ways. However, drowning is the most common cause of death from boating – nearly 80% of recent boating deaths in Texas were from drowning. Unfortunately, kids are the ones who are at greater risk of drowning as it is the number one cause of death for children ages 1-4. That’s why it’s so important that boat owners and operators follow safety precautions when heading out on the water. If they don’t, and it leads to a death, they must be held accountable.These deaths are 100% preventable and should never happen.

If your child was killed in a fatal boating incident, it’s important to hold those who caused it responsible. Be sure to contact our child wrongful death attorneys at The Button Law Firm today to get justice for your family.

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