A personal injury case means someone was damaged by the negligence of someone else. damages can be physical, emotional, or psychological. Now the word damages is used a lot in legal circles for cases involving car wrecks, truck wrecks, and even daycare injuries to kids. But what exactly are personal injury damages, which here at BLF we refer to as human damages.

We're here to break that down.

What Are Damages?

"Damages" is a catch-all word that includes all of the ways that the incident and your injuries has affected your life. Everything from the medical diagnosis and treatment to the dollars and cents that it costs you in the past and will into the future. Through the mental and emotional ways that you've been impacted. The term "damages" is typically further broken down into economic damages and noneconomic damages. economic damages are the actual dollars and cents that you've incurred for the expenses that you have or will have in the future to pay for things like medical treatment, surgeries, doctor visits, lost wages, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

What Are Non-Economic Damages?

For example, if someone hits you in a car wreck, and you had to have surgery on your back, you would count the cost of the surgery in your economic damages. In many cases, the non economic damages are going to be the most impactful category of damages that you suffered. Non economic damages are the damages that you don't have a receipt for. They are the ways the incident and injuries have substantially changed your ability to live your life, your emotional state, your mental health, and your relationships with the people in your life.

A Real-Life Example From a Button Law Firm Client

In an example of a non-economic damage, we handled the case for a person who was hit by another driver. As a result of that wreck. She had an injury that caused excruciating neck and back pain. It made it nearly impossible for her to drive again, because she can barely turn her head, meaning she missed out on time she would normally spend with family and friends. This caused her to feel isolated and lonely, making her more anxious and depressed. Now, the difficult part is that damages may not always be obvious. That's why it's important that your attorney has a good understanding of damages and knows how to develop them for your personal injury case.

What to Do If You Have More Questions About Damages In Your Serious Injury Case

If you have more questions about damages for your personal injury claim, be sure to reach out to our team. We're here to help you move forward through this challenging time.

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