Parents understand the risks of electrocution injuries to children. That’s why they make sure to take the proper steps at their home to prevent electric shock. As parents, you expect your child’s daycare to do the same. When daycares cut corners and don’t take steps to keep kids safe, kids are the ones who end up getting seriously hurt.

Some easy ways a daycare can child-proof a space are:

  • Making sure outlets are covered,
  • keeping wires out of the reach of children,
  • and unplugging electronics and appliances that may be around water

We’ve seen cases where children end up suffering from electric shock injuries because the daycare didn’t properly childproof the room.

These kinds of injuries can happen when:

  • a child has access to damaged chords on a power strip
  • they’re exposed to malfunctioning electrical equipment
  • or when they stick their fingers or toys into an electrical outlet

These types of injuries are 100% preventable by the daycare, but only if the daycare is doing what they’re supposed to do to keep kids safe. If your child suffered from an injury at daycare, be sure to reach out to our team of child injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm today. We’ve helped many families in your shoes move forward, and we’re here to help you too. If you’re not quite ready to speak to an attorney, be sure to download our guide, 5 Steps to Take After a Daycare Injury, linked here. Be sure to contact us today.

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