What you need to know if you've been injured by a drunk driver in TexasTypes of Drunk Driving Cases in Texas

It feels like every evening when I turn on the local news, I'm hearing about another Texan being seriously injured, or killed after someone decided to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Drunk driving, DWI, cases are different from other cases because our Dallas drunk driving accident attorney is going to have to search for more answers to make sure justice is served. We're going to have to figure out whose car the drunk driver was driving, who gave the drunk driver the keys, and who gave the drunk driver the alcohol. All these questions we're going to have to figure out as soon as possible, and this is because there may be three different aspects to one DWI clip: 

The civil claim against the drunk driver is the claim where the insurance company comes in to resolve it. You can hold the drunk driver responsible for your damages. That can include:

Drunk Drivers Must be Held Accountable For Injuries in Texas

The drunk driver will likely also face criminal charges for breaking the law depending on how severe the circumstances are. You may be called to testify at trial. The criminal case is handled by the DA's office and that's separate from any civil claim that you may have. The drunk driver may face jail time, fines, and probation. Finally, in Texas, we have what we call a Dram Shop Law and that's where bars and restaurants can be held responsible for getting the driver drunk before they get behind the wheel. In these cases, the victims of the DWIs can hold the bar/restaurant accountable for their injuries and damages. Texas Dram Shop logs include social host liability, and that's where adults can be held responsible for serving underage kids and allowing them to drive. As you can see, dram shop law involves a lot of moving parts and intense investigations. It's one of the ways that DWI claims are different from other car wreck claims. The goal is always to compensate you for your injuries and damages. This includes your medical expenses, your lost wages, your pain and suffering, mental anguish, and every other way that the drunk driver changed your life. Having an experienced team by your side that knows how to find you closure is extremely important. 

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