James CookIt’s been two whirlwind years since James Cook joined our team at BLF as an Operations Assistant, and what a journey it has been! This month, we’re celebrating his dedication and the vibrant spirit he brings to our office.

When James Joined The Button Law Firm

James arrived with a background in retail management, but his connection with our founder, Russell, and his strong alignment with BLF’s values truly made him the perfect fit. Over the past two years, he has embraced and embodied the supportive culture we cherish here.

Working in such a demanding field requires not just skill but a hearty dose of empathy and emotional resilience — qualities James has in spades. Child injury cases can take a heavy toll, and James understands this more than anyone. He’s become integral in ensuring our clients and team have the support they need during tough times. Whether it’s facilitating case paperwork, getting contracts signed, or notarizing urgent documents, James handles his responsibilities with a level of care and precision that helps every case reach a resolution that brings peace to the families we serve.

Reflecting on his journey so far, James shares, “There was definitely a learning curve when I started. Making mistakes felt like the end of the world. But over this past year, I’ve learned to embrace those moments as opportunities for growth rather than setbacks. I’ve gained a new sense of confidence and ownership of my role.”

James Outside of the Office

James has also taken this mindset outside of work, cherishing the small details of life and spending quality time with his family and two dogs. His interest in flying, inspired by his grandfather — a pioneer in air traffic control and a Navy veteran — has blossomed.

James is now studying flying and plans to attend flight school, aiming to pilot recreationally. “Flying is liberating,” he says, “It’s about the journey more than the destination.” To convey James’ determination and passion in a nutshell, here’s a quote he lives by: “Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.”

As we celebrate James’s two-year anniversary with us, we’re not just recognizing the work he’s done. We’re applauding his journey, his growth, and the heart he brings to our BLF family every day. Here’s to many more years of James soaring in and out of the office!

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