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As hardworking parents, the one guaranteed factor in your busy day is picking up your child from daycare at the end of a stressful workday to enjoy their love and happiness. But what happens when you can’t go home with your child because the daycare staff neglected to follow simple safety procedures. That simple procedure that was ignored has now taken your child’s precious life away and all you’re left with is an empty space in your heart and your life. 

Unfortunately, our Texas child injury lawyer knows this is the reality some parents will have to face because daycare employees were careless in deciding not to follow the safety procedures placed to protect children from any injuries or death.  

Texas Parents Say Enough Is Enough

A parent’s worst nightmare quickly became a reality on a hot Texas afternoon, so hot that temperatures were pushing 100 degrees Fahrenheit, a father went to pick up his son from daycare to find out his son had been forgotten about and locked in a van for four hours causing his death.

Discovering Me Academy in Houston, Texas failed to protect the life of a child under their care by forgetting the child inside a hot van. No parent should have to lose a child due to daycare negligence. Parents will intensively research and interview daycare providers to ensure their child will be with trustworthy and responsible grownups. For a daycare to not value a child’s life enough to just forget them inside a hot van is completely unacceptable.  

The Importance Of Contacting A Daycare Injury Attorney Or Wrongful Death Attorney

We have written an article about the deadly effects a child would encounter if stuck inside a hot vehicle and honestly, it’s the worst form of torture. As hard as it is to read it, it was written to bring awareness of the horrific pain children have to endure when put in that situation. There needs to be a stop to daycare facilities forgetting children in vans, it’s inhumane.

Even if a worker is able to find a child in a van and the child is still alive, that child would still have endured the dangers of a heatstroke and now have life-long brain and organ damage. Not to mention the psychological damage that comes with such a traumatic event.

Situations like these, or similar to these, are why it’s so important for parents to seek legal help. There is no amount of money that can be given to fix the emotional pain of losing a child. Nor are there enough words that could be said to a hurt child and their family during this traumatic situation. A daycare negligence lawyer will be able to bring deserved justice to the family and ensure that no other children will go through this same life-altering incident and the pain that comes with it. 

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