We expect daycare facilities to hire their staff accordingly to the qualifications needed to work with children. One of the requirements should be providers that are patient. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with many daycares.

Daycares often get over-packed causing them to hire in desperation, which means anyone who comes through the door that can pass a background check instead of figuring out what their attributes and intentions are.

When anyone can get hired at a daycare, there will be problems arising immediately.

What Happened At This Texas Daycare Facility?

An employee at Linda’s Little Angels Learning Center, located in Odessa, Texas, was physically and mentally abusing a child under her care. The child stayed quiet about the incident until the mother saw welts on her child’s chest and back. 

She thought “he was just having a bad day” when he was being quiet and distant. It became apparent what had actually happened when she changed him into his pajamas at night and saw the markings on his body. 

When she tried asking her son what had happened he told her that “(the female worker) had hit him and kept hitting him.” The mother then asked what happened to cause her to hit him. He simply replied that he “can’t tell anybody because [he] will be in trouble.”

Not only did the caregiver physically abuse the 3-year old, she mentally manipulated him by telling him he would get in trouble if he told anyone. Causing the young boy to endure the suffering by himself and feeling guilty to speak about it, including talking to his own mother.

The child still has yet to give up the name of the woman who caused his injuries and with no viable evidence the case had to be closed. His abuser is able to continue to work at the location with no punishment, endangering the well-being of other children at that daycare center. There were no consequences at the facility. Why?

Has Your Child Been Abused At Daycare?

As soon as you notice any physical damage on your child, report it to the daycare as soon as possible and have them write an incident report. We have articles available to you on what to do if you feel your child is being abused at daycare. Please read them as they will be of great help to you:

We Are Here To Help

Please give us a call at 214-699-4409 if you feel your child has been abused while attending daycare. We have to work together to stop the abuse of young children by their daycare teacher as these children look up to and get an emotional attached to the person they spend up to 8 hours with daily.  You can also fill out our Contact Us Form and leave your story. 

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