In Car Wreck Cases

  1. Person saving money after purchasing good insurance before his car wreck. Purchase personal injury protection insurance (PIP)

Every Texas driver is required to have insurance, but about 20% of people still drive around uninsured or have bare minimum policies. If you’re in a wreck with one of these drivers, they won’t cover your hospital bills! That’s why we recommend adding as much personal injury protection insurance (PIP) as you can to your policy. It’s affordable, no-fault insurance that will cover your lost wages, medical bills, and out-of-pocket expenses.

  1. Invest in uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage (UM/ UIM)

What is UM/UIM coverage? Like PIP, this coverage will kick in to protect you if you’re in an accident involving an underinsured or uninsured driver. It’s particularly important if you’re in a multi-injury crash, where a tiny pot of insurance money is split between victims. UM/ UIM will ensure you get the compensation you need, especially in catastrophic wrecks where injuries are serious and costly. That’s why we always recommend that our clients need UM and UIM insurance.

In Daycare Cases

  1. Watch out for “claims made” insurance policies

With a claims-made policy, you must report the incident that caused you harm to the insurance company within the time period that the policy is active. For example, if the incident occurred on June 1 and the policy expired on June 10, then you must report the incident by June 10 to be covered.

  1. Be aware of “eroding” insurance policies.

Under this type of insurance policy, the opposition’s defense costs come out of their insurance money pool. The longer and harder they fight, the less money there is for your damages. It’s an underhanded tactic to be aware of.

With Any Legal Issue You're Facing

  1. Be proactive!

Our team has strategies to fight back against all of the problems we’ve mentioned above. The sooner you come to us for help, the better we’ll be able to help you.

Is My Car Insurance Policy is Enough?

Many of our clients who are in car wrecks wish that they had more insurance. If you’re not sure which coverage to get or if your insurance policy is enough to protect you in an accident, our Dallas Car Wreck Attorneys offer free car insurance policy reviews.

Contact us today to get your free policy review. 

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