BLF TeamEveryone needs a best friend they can count on. On June 8, as we mark Best Friends Day, I can’t help but think about personal friendships and the incredible relationships we foster at The Button Law Firm. The camaraderie and mutual respect we share here aren’t just byproducts of a cordial workplace; they are the foundation of our firm’s culture — a culture deeply influenced by the values my dad instilled in me.

From the moment I partnered with Ashley, it was clear we shared a common thread built on friendship, compassion, and respect in the workplace. We both genuinely love what we do — trying cases, strategizing, and helping our clients navigate their toughest days. Sure, we face challenges, but our passion for our work and our commitment to our clients never wavers. It’s the kind of work environment where, as the saying goes, you never work a day in your life because you love what you do and whom you do it with.

The Core Fabric of BLF

At BLF, everyone who joins our team becomes part of this core fabric. The people here aren’t just colleagues; they’re the type of friends who have your back no matter what. This makes even the most challenging conversations easier because you know, without a doubt, you’re all in it together. This deep-seated trust and loyalty define what it means to be a best friend. On Best Friends Day, I’m also reminded of how I have a small, tightknit circle both in and out of work. I give everything I have to these people, who have become my family.

Honestly, I don’t need to have a massive social circle. All I need are those few that I count as my closest friends. They’re the ones in my inner circle and the ones I can go a long time without talking to — yet when we reconnect, it’s as if no time has passed. This connection isn’t limited to conversations; it’s about actions and shared values.

Take my wife, Sammy, for example. Coming home to her feels like a vacation, a break where we can enjoy the simple pleasures of Netflix binging and delicious food together. Whether we’re just watching TV or cooking dinner, time with her and my loved ones helps me momentarily forget the stresses and responsibilities of daily life. Friends also help us celebrate our wins and offer support during setbacks. In the hustle of our daily duties, it’s easy to lose sight of our achievements.

Important Bonds

The people in your life remind you of these victories and encourage you to savor them. And when things don’t go as planned, they help you move forward, not dwell on the failures. As I grow older, I see how these bonds evolve — much like how my relationship with my parents has transitioned over the years. They started as caregivers and guides, but now, they are my friends who I can always turn to. We share stories, reflect on the past, and discuss our lives in ways that add deeper meaning to our relationship. So, this Best Friends Day, let’s celebrate the friendships that brighten our personal lives and those that enrich our professional world. I am immensely grateful for every best friend — those who inspire, support, and keep me grounded. Here’s to the friends who make the good times better and the hard times not as bad as we imagined.

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