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It’s hard to believe that we’re celebrating one year since Gabriela joined The Button Law Firm! Since day one, Gabriela has never shied away from a task that needs to get done. She’s picked up on everything we do, from legal lingo to building relationships with our clients and community. Gabriela is our go-to person when we need to get a task completed. 
“She’s a self-starter and is self-motivated,” Russell Button says of Gabriela. “Her ability to take action and tackle what needs to be done is paramount to the success we’ve had in the last year. Gabriela takes ownership and makes it easy as a leader to encourage and motivate. I’ve watched Gabriela grow into a  leader herself, stepping up to handle not just the day-to-day duties but also bigger picture planning and coordination with marketing. She’s so talented and has the right mindset.”
Gabriela is excited about this milestone! She doesn’t quite feel like it’s real, and at the same time, she says she’s “so ready for the future.” Gabriela also mentions, “It feels like I just started and also like I’ve been here 5 years." Considering everything the last year has brought, including highlights like starting the VIP Program, Mommy Makeovers, and Teacher of The Month it’s easy to understand why.
Gabriela has been a key part of the firm’s marketing growth in all areas. “Russell and I have started the marketing department from the ground up,” she says. It’s clear that a huge part of what Gabriela loves about her work is the people she works with. “Russell has been a great teacher and leader who has taken the time to understand how I learn. His constant trust and encouragement allowed me to take on big projects and get our marketing to where it’s at now. We recently had a conversation of how much I have changed from my first couple of months with the firm to where I am now. I am able to start a project on my own and bring my own ideas to the table," she shares. “I can easily say that I have my dream job and am fulfilled in my career. The people I work with make it feel like it’s more of a growing passion than a job. When we say that we operate as a team and family, it’s not just to sell an image. That’s what The Button Law Firm actually stands for.”
Gabriela is enthusiastic about where she is and about her future at the firm. “My journey with The Button Law Firm has exceeded any expectations I could have ever wished for. I’m excited to grow into my leadership role and for the next five years, and the five years after that!" So are we! Here’s to your first year at the firm and to many more, Gabriela!
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