Russell Button and Ashley Knarr, daycare injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm, attending a Dallas Mavericks gameMarch is, without a doubt, about March Madness for me, but not because of basketball. This month brings a flurry of observances that are meaningful for me. Before I dive into all of March’s significant holidays, I want to spotlight Women’s History Month, which is a time when I can pause and appreciate the extraordinary women who have shaped my life and my worldview.

Honor the Women in Your Life During Women’s History Month

My mom, for starters, is nothing short of a Wonder Woman. She started her journey of independence at age 14. With sheer determination, she mastered computer programming, juggled multiple jobs, and eventually, ran her own business. Her resilience and resourcefulness have been a constant source of inspiration for me.

And then there’s my sister — talk about strength and perseverance since she had to grow up with me. She not only excelled at the University of Houston as a college basketball player and Academic All-America honoree, but she’s also now a successful OB-GYN, a caring mother, and a loving wife. Her ability to balance all these roles with grace is something I deeply admire.

The story of strength in my family doesn’t end there. Both of my grandmothers were paragons of independence and grit. One grandmother, despite the challenges of working several jobs, raised eight children. My other grandmother, sharp as a tack until 90, was a self-taught expert in elementary education and a savvy business owner. These women were not just family members; they were pillars of resilience and determination.

In my professional life, the theme of strong women continues. Our team, including Ashley, is a testament to the power of strong, independent women. In my personal life, there is my true better half, Sammy. She is a constant pillar of love and inspiration in my life.

A Focus on Brain Injury Awareness Month

Meanwhile, March is also a time for us to focus on Brain Injury Awareness. In our law firm, we see the most heart-wrenching pediatric daycare cases, where injuries are severe and often undervalued by insurance companies. We had a case in Missouri involving a young girl who suffered a life-altering brain injury. It was a tough battle, but we were able to secure her the future that she deserved. It’s moments like these that reinforce the importance of our work.

Start Reading on Read Across America Day

Then, there’s Read Across America Day, an observance that sparked a unique tradition in our firm — a reading accountability group. It started with Elizabeth’s idea to keep learning and growing together. We pick books that are relevant to our work, share insights, and motivate each other to keep reading despite our busy schedules. This small initiative has become a cornerstone of our team’s development.

Drop the Phone on National Unplugging Day

I can’t forget to mention National Unplugging Day. I recall a trip to the Big Bend Mountains in Texas with my fiancée, where being disconnected from the digital world was not just a choice but a necessity. Those moments without phone service, free from the constant barrage of emails, texts, and calls, were surprisingly refreshing. It was a reminder of the importance of disconnecting and living in the moment.

Shine a Light on National Optimism Month

Lastly, March is National Optimism Month, and that resonates deeply in our firm. We’re undergoing significant organizational changes, and it’s our collective optimism that fuels us. New team members are joining, bringing fresh ideas and energy. As a leader, I’ve learned that maintaining optimism, especially in times of change and adversity, is crucial.

Reflecting on March, it’s clear how these different observances interweave into both my personal and professional life. They remind me of the enduring strength of women, the need for optimism, the power of education, and the importance of unplugging and reconnecting with what truly matters. I hope your March is just as fulfilling, where you can reflect on everyone and everything that keeps you moving forward.

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