Bottle of spilled antihistamines. In a tragic case that unfolded in Rutland, Vermont, childcare provider Stacey Vaillancourt was convicted of manslaughter and child cruelty in connection with the 2019 death of 6-month-old Harper Rose Briar. The jury reached its verdict on Friday, December 1, 2023, holding Vaillancourt responsible for the infant's demise while under her care. The conviction carries a potential sentence of up to 25 years in prison for the defendant.

What Happened at This Vermont Daycare?

The disturbing incident happened when Harper Rose Briar was found unresponsive in Vaillancourt's home. After the infant's tragic death, an autopsy revealed elevated levels of diphenhydramine, a sedative component found in certain over-the-counter antihistamines such as Benadryl. Notably, the drug is not recommended for infants unless explicitly prescribed by a medical professional, and in this case, no such prescription existed for baby Harper.

During the trial, Vaillancourt's defense attorney argued that there was insufficient evidence to prove that the childcare provider had sedated the infant. In contrast, the prosecutor countered that there was no plausible alternative explanation, asserting that no one else could have administered the substance to the child.

Vaillancourt, who consistently denied administering any substances to the infant beyond what was provided by the parents, has been released on an unsecured appearance bond pending her sentencing. As of now, her attorney has not responded to requests for comment on the verdict.

The conviction highlights the gravity with which the legal system addresses cases involving the well-being of children in daycare settings. The tragic outcome serves as a stark reminder of the responsibility and trust placed in childcare providers and the severe consequences when that trust is violated.

The Button Law Firm’s Mission to Stop Druggings at Daycares

The Button Law Firm has a longstanding commitment to advocating for the rights and safety of children, particularly in cases involving druggings and other forms of negligence. With a track record of successfully representing clients in similar cases, our team recognizes the gravity of situations where young children are exposed to potentially harmful substances, such as antihistamines.

In cases like the recent conviction of Stacey Vaillancourt, The Button Law Firm emphasizes the importance of accountability for childcare providers entrusted with the well-being of vulnerable children. Our team is bringing attention to the potential dangers associated with the improper administration of medications, particularly those not recommended for infants without a medical professional's guidance.

Furthermore, our team here at The Button Law Firm uses our experience with these types of cases to investigate and establish a comprehensive legal strategy, aiming to hold responsible parties accountable for their actions. This could involve gathering evidence, consulting with medical experts, and advocating for fair recovery for the affected families.

The recent conviction in Vermont serves as an important reminder of the risks associated with giving drugs to young children without proper medical supervision. The Button Law Firm, in its commitment to justice and child safety, will continue to champion the cause of preventing such tragedies by seeking justice for families affected by these devastating incidents.

What to Do If Your Child Was Drugged at Daycare

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