Child covering her face after it was bruised at daycare. Injuries While At Daycare

Daycare centers are supposed to look after and care for children, so when a child goes home with bruises, especially on their face, it should be of great concern.

The State of Texas has created regulations for daycare centers so that incidents like these don’t happen. One of the many regulations is that there can only be a certain amount of children assigned to a teacher based on age, so they can all be taken care of properly.

The child to teacher ratio for the one-year-old category should be 5:1. One-year-olds are a handful, which is why the number is so low. At this stage, kids don’t know how to make full sentences. It would be impossible for parents to know how their baby got an injury if a caregiver didn’t see what happened.

What Happened Here?

Armadillos to Zebras is a family-owned and operated private daycare in Richardson, Texas that has been open for the past 29 years. This daycare center markets their private preschool as being able to “maintain smaller class sizes, keeping the teacher-to-student ratio low.”

When the mother went to go pick up her baby, D.B., from Armadillos to Zebra daycare, she noticed his face was red and swollen. When she asked the daycare facility what happened the mom was told that another child had hit D. B. in the face. Later that day the child’s face went from “red and puffy,” as she described it, to bruises and dark red lines going down his cheek. These lines resembled a handprint.

Armadillos to Zebras provided the mom with an incident report which stated that D.B. had fallen and “hit his face on a toy.” They never showed the mom what toy or what kid had injured D.B.’s face. 

The mom took pictures of her child’s face and posted them on Facebook. The picture was shared a total of 50,000 times within a 24-hour span. Parents who had previously had their kids at this daycare left reviews about all of the negative experiences their child had dealt with when enrolled. Some previous students from this daycare even gave their honest opinion on their services. This is why it’s so important to report any suspicious behavior, it will be able to help another child and parent in the long run.

The mom has described this situation as “scary for [her] as a parent” to think that her baby is being physically abused at daycare when she has “to go to work” and doesn’t have another option for childcare.

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What Can Be Done About It?

When your child has been injured at a daycare facility the first step you’ll want to take is to seek medical attention. Children don’t have the ability to express their pain so a doctor will be able to inform you of any hidden/deeper injuries. Check out our article on what to do after: How To Hold The Daycare Responsible For My Child's Injury. 

You’ll also want to read “Watch for These Signs of Daycare Abuse in Your Young Child.

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