Courtney Galbreath is a kindergarten teacher at Texas School of The Arts in Edgecliff, Texas. She is also the first winner of our law firm’s Teacher Of The Month award through our Teacher Appreciation Program! 

Courtney Galbreath, Button Law Firm February 2019 Teacher of the MonthRead what the parents had to say about Mrs. Galbreath: 

"This teacher deserves to win for so many reasons! From taking in teaching our little five-year-old to also training the parent of this five-year-old. She updates through Facebook, text message, and email. Anything she can to do to make sure we know what’s going on. She goes above and beyond every time. She’s never off call even at 2 AM! We simply love her to pieces. (I’m currently a first grade mom and still she is the best)"

"Mrs. Galbreath makes all of her students feel safe and loved while pushing them to do the best they can. My daughter cried everyday last year going to pre- k. This year she can’t wait to get to school to see Mrs. Galbreath."

From Selling Homes To Selling Dreams

Mrs. Galbreath received her bachelors degree at The University of North Texas. She then went to Lamar University and obtained her masters in educations and administration. 

Mrs. Galbreath’s story is very interesting as she used to sell homes but now sells dreams. As a successful real estate agent, she was hit with a big revelation witnessing the impact her husband’s family had on the children of Joshua Independent School District as educators. That's when she knew she wanted to be part of something greater and said goodbye to the houses and hello to the classrooms. 

Mrs. Gablreath dived right into her new found love and immediately made an impact at Alvarado Independent School District. She worked in the preschool program for children with disabilities with children who were three to five years old. Mrs. Galbreath poured her love and passion in them and started shaping the minds of her wonderful clan. Mrs. Galbreath credits the children there for shaping her and making her a better teacher. They changed her way of thinking by allowing her to see that no matter the disability these kids were amazing and did much more than others would expect. 

Mrs. Galbreath taught with such a love, joy and passion that it brought out the absolute best of the kids - and the parents noticed it! 

Courtney Galbreath, Button Law Firm February 2019 Teacher of the Month with familyAbout Mrs. Galbreath 

Mrs. Courtney has been married for 16 and has two boys of which are in 3rd and 8th grade. 

Her youngest is involved in many different sports but has found a passion for basketball and baseball. Her oldest son is involved in the swim team and joined Future Farmers of America where he shows goats and hopes to one day show Longhorns. 

The Galbreath family enjoys working on their 9 acre land, in which they also tend to goats, longhorn, and chickens.

“Taking care of the land takes up most of our weekends when we aren’t rushing around to various sports games.”

The Galbreath's enjoy going on extended road trips in which the family engages in learning about our country’s history as well as exploring other cultures. 

We enjoyed getting to learn more about Mrs. Galbreath and appreciate her efforts and dedication to her students. The Button Law Firm wishes you the best of luck in the coming years as an educator. 

Courtney Galbreath, Button Law Firm February 2019 Teacher of the Month, with Russell Button, daycare injury attorney








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