Cristina YanezWe have to give a round of applause to our BLF paralegal, Cristina. Not only is she celebrating three years with our firm this summer, but she also took on an advanced role with us!

Before, Cristina did basic paralegal work — working on prelitigation, drafting demands, and helping cases settle out of court. Now, she has stepped up to become a case manager and litigation paralegal.

“I manage cases with a couple of other team members. It was a big role to take on, but it’s been a great experience so far,” Cristina explains. If you have an active daycare or personal injury case with us, odds are good that Cristina is one of the people in your corner, working to ensure you and your family get justice.

Since she stepped into this role, every day at the office has been a little more exciting than before. “There are some moments when I’m able to sit down and spend a few hours going over records like I used to, then all of a sudden I’ll get six emails, and the pace will pick up for the day,” she says. That workload can be a little stressful, so Cristina spends her nights and weekends relaxing with her family and playing “camp counselor” for her third-grade daughter. “She’s not doing summer camp this year, so I have to fill in the gaps and be the mom that comes up with all of the activities!” she says.

“When I’m off of work, I try to fill our weekend with hiking and doing things outside.” We’re looking forward to seeing Cristina in the office this summer, too. She works remotely from Houston, so it’s exciting when she comes to Dallas to see our team (including her sister, Ashley). Luckily, the feeling is mutual.

“I love working for this firm, I love the team that we have, and I think we’re doing really, really great things,” Cristina says. “Watching BLF grow over the past three years has been awesome to witness firsthand and be a part of. I’m very proud of us.”

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