Russell Button holding a fish he caught on a fishing trip in TexasAs January rolls around, there’s always talk about New Year’s resolutions, self-improvement goals, and professional projections. But what about your hobbies? What passions make you the happiest, most fulfilled version of yourself? I want to focus more on those this year, and since January is National Hobby Month, it’s the perfect time to pick up that hobby you’ve lost amid the hustle and bustle of your daily duties.

From the Court Room to the Dock, Russell Finds Time to Fit in His Hobbies

You might not believe me when I say my main hobby is this firm and practicing law, but it’s 100% true. It’s what I love doing day in and out. However, fishing would have to be a close second. I’ve been fishing since I was a kid, and even in my earliest photos, you’ll see a fishing pole in my hand. Since I was 8 years old, I had gone fishing every day of my life until I turned 18. Rain or shine, I had to catch a fish that day, no matter what.

Even if I only had five minutes to spare, I’d find the perfect spot where I knew I could catch a fish fast. There are endless reasons why I’ve always loved fishing, from the opportunity to unwind outdoors to the strategic art of casting a line. You can also make it competitive with friends or spend time reflecting alone. But by the time I started college, I became too busy with exams, and before I knew it, I was a practicing attorney. When 2023 began, I decided I wanted to re-spark my love for fishing on a regular basis. Thanks to my loved ones and team members who gifted me Bass Pro Shop gift cards, I dove back into my passion for fishing.

No matter my schedule, I wake up at the crack of dawn to squeeze in some fishing time. While I don’t mind the alone time, I know I can always count on my friends and my newly retired dad to join me on those misty mornings. Even my fiancé has gone fishing with me to see just why I love it so much.

Catching Up Creatively: Ashley's Artistic Escape and Sports Fan Frenzy

As for Ashley, I wanted to see what hobbies she would like to revive this year, and I was surprised to learn that she’s an excellent artist with a sketchbook filled with drawings. Similar to how I love to fish, Ashley loves sketching to help unwind and have some time to herself. All she needs to do is focus on what’s in front of her and draw. With how busy our work can be, sometimes this is just what you need after a long day.

Ashley is also a big-time sports fan if you didn’t already know. Despite her schedule, she does her best to stay up to date with her favorite teams like the LSU Tigers, Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, and Miami Marlins. As you can imagine, that’s not an easy feat!

How Are You Prioritizing Your Passions in 2024?

I hope this year you can spend more time doing what you love, whether fishing, sketching, or sitting down to watch your favorite sports team. Our hobbies enrich our lives, so prioritize them as best you can. I know I’ll be trying my best this year, along with all I have planned for The Button Law Firm.

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