Houston Law Clerk Meghan Beytebiere

You might remember from our previous newsletters that Button Law Firm trial attorney Ashley Washington coaches law students at the University of Houston in her spare time. A while back, Russell joined her to be a witness in a mock trial — and one student’s approach caught his eye.

University of Houston Student Has Mindset for Law

“Meghan definitely stood out,” Russell remembers. “She just had the mindset, passion, and work ethic that we demand and expect from people on our team.”

Fortunately, Meghan admired Ashley just as much!

“I was really inspired by how much Ashley truly loves her job and really cares for her clients,” Meghan says. “So when I reached the end of my second year of law school, I asked if BLF had any law clerk positions open.”

We did, and Meghan is now a law clerk at The Button Law Firm! She has a diverse background in construction and employment law and even interned with the U.S. Army JAG Corps.

To help her learn about our personal injury law practice areas, we assigned her research projects, discovery requests and responses, seminars, and more.

“Ashley and Russell have been great to work with,” Meghan says. “They’re not holding back or saying, ‘Oh, you’re a law student so you shouldn’t do this quite yet.’ A lot of my peers are working at other firms and are really limited in what they can work on. They’re just doing basic research projects. But Ashley and Russell know I want to be an attorney, so they’re giving me the work an attorney would have.”

Houston Law Clerk By Day, Horseback Rider By Night

Meghan is working for us remotely from Houston. She has lived there with her family since she was 8 years old, and she has a very Texan hobby: horseback riding!

“When I moved to Texas from Alaska, I thought everyone knew how to ride horses!” she remembers. “I let my parents put me in lessons, and that’s how I started out. I don’t compete as much now since I’m in law school, and it’s expensive and time-consuming, but I do have a horse! Her name is Dream, and she’s 20 years old — I’ve had her since I was 17.”

We love the passion Meghan brings to her work and her hobbies, and we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes after her graduation this May.

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