Sarah NavaIt’s hard to believe how quickly our BLF team is growing! We recently welcomed another new team member to our family: Sarah Nava, our ambitious administrative assistant.

One of our favorite things about Sarah is her endless desire to learn. She spends every day at work challenging herself to pick up more tasks from Elizabeth and our other operations team members, brainstorm ideas for our marketing department, and soaking up information about our clients and how our firm operates. If you ever get a birthday card, thank-you card, or congratulations card from us, Sarah is the one who sent it!

Education is one of our team’s core values, so we really love Sarah’s attitude. In her interview, she told us her yearning to learn. new things inspired her to leave her job as an administrative assistant at a Dallas private school and join our team.

“During my time at Dallas Baptist University [where she earned her bachelor’s in business studies], I had a mentor who always encouraged me to learn as much as possible. They said it was good to learn all varieties of work. So, when I got to my cap at my previous job and learned everything I could, I decided it was time to learn something new,” Sarah says.

She leaped out of her comfort zone and into law, and she’s thriving! Perhaps unsurprisingly, her passion for learning extends beyond the office, too. When Sarah isn’t working, she’s usually curled up on the couch with her cat, Reaper, at her side and a book or laptop open on her lap.

Sarah inhales business books, fantasy titles, and romance novels, and loves to write stories and play video games in her spare time. (If you’re an Overwatch fan, you have guessed where Reaper got her name!) Creating new worlds with fiction is her favorite way to escape reality.

“I really like activating my imagination to think about and create stories people might like, just as I’ve liked so many stories growing up,” she says. “When I retire from working, my big dream is to become a novelist.”

Next time you get a thank-you card from BLF, remember that a future bestselling author sent it!

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