button batteries can pose serious risk to young kidsKids are Swallowing Button Batteries

Button batteries, which are small, flat, circular batteries found in remotes, car keys, battery-powered candles, toys, and more, are pretty much everywhere. Their compact size makes it easy to make many electronic devices small and portable. Unfortunately, these small batteries are also easily found by children – and when kids get their hands on these, they have a high risk of choking, injury, or death.

In fact, one study showed that there was a significant increase in emergency room visits of children who swallowed a battery, with approximately 85% of those batteries being button batteries.

What Happens When a Child Swallows a Button Battery?

The button battery can pose a serious risk of choking to young kids because of its small size and coin-like shape. If the child swallows the battery, it can get lodged in the throat or the esophagus, and if it isn’t removed quickly enough, it can cause lasting damage to the tissue or prevent air from getting to the lungs.

If this happens, removal may require an endoscopy or surgery. Even if the battery is removed, future illness is still possible, like vocal cord paralysis or tracheoesophageal fistula.

How These Batteries Pose Serious Risk to Children in Texas Daycares

Daycares should know the dangers of button batteries and how to safeguard children from them. All devices, toys, and other electronic items that use these small, coin-like batteries must be kept away from unsupervised children.

Young kids should never have access to anything that holds these types of batteries unless those items are properly secured and fastened with tightly fitted screws. Even then, the device should be monitored and the child should be supervised to keep them safe.

What to Do If Your Child Swallowed a Button Battery

If you discovered your child swallowed a button battery, seek emergency medical help immediately. Contact poison control and follow any directions they may give you on your way to get emergency care. It is essential that a doctor or trained medical professional gets the battery out as soon as possible, to prevent damage to tissues in the throat and internal organs.

Afterward, find out how your child got access to a button battery. Was their daycare or caregiver not properly supervising your child? Was your child playing with a toy that was not well-manufactured and allowed batteries to come out easily? If you believe one of these reasons is how your child got access to a button battery, it’s important that you hold those who hurt your child accountable. Contact our experienced legal team at The Button Law Firm today to get help on filing a claim against the daycare or company responsible for your child’s serious injury. You can contact us by calling (214) 699-4409 or emailing [email protected].

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