Man sitting at bar drinking alcohol with car keys nearOdessa Police Department Arrests DWI Driver

We all know how dangerous drinking and driving is. All of us know that being drunk is even worse. On June 23, 2017, a drunk driver and his friends were in the car driving around 9:26 pm. This is not too late, especially in the summer. However, this driver - Mr. Mark Garrett - was not sober. He was intoxicated, and on top of that, speeding in his Dodge Challenger. 

Ahead of him was a Chevy Ice Cream truck. This truck had three occupants in it. The drunk driver flew right into the back of the ice cream truck causing it to explode and catch on fire. The ice cream truck burned down and the occupants were unrecognizable. They died at the scene.

The other occupants in Mr. Garrett's vehicle sustained injuries, with two of them receiving serious injuries - a broken leg and a broken hip. At the end of the day, until more evidence is discovered as to exactly what Mr. Garrett's BAC was or why they were speeding, the families of those that died will not receive closure. 

DWI Wrecks - How Can We Help?

Whether you know it or not, people still believe that drinking and driving is a good idea. With all the safer alternatives out there now - Uber, Lyft, friends, family members, and designated drivers - drivers still want to show that they can handle a night out on the town and make it home. 

We have taken serious interest in handling DWI cases and holding the drivers accountable to the victims, not just criminally. This is not meant to punish the individual like the criminal system is - we want the drunk drivers to make it right for the consequences of their actions. If they have insurance, that means not hiding behind the corporate insurance company and their team of defense lawyers. Check out some of our case results on DWI 

If you or a loved one has been injured in a wreck involving a drunk driver, give us a call or reach out to us. We have resources to help your family know what happened, how it could have been prevented, and hold the drunk driver accountable so it doesn't happen to another family. 

Whether the drunk driving wreck happened in Odessa (like this one), Midland, or any of the surrounding West Texas counties, we are here for you. We are ready. You can reach our Midland location at 432-203-0060

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