When I want to explain what my dad, Terry, is like, I only have to tell one story. It happened on Mother’s Day. My dad was spending the day with my sister, Rox, Russell Button and his father on a hike togetherand her husband, Dom, and they made the mistake of telling him about revamping their backyard.

Not One to Waste a Moment

“We want to tear out this old dog house and all of these old railroad ties from the previous owner and put in an outdoor fireplace and garden,” Rox explained to Mom and Dad.

This was just idle small talk, but then my dad turned to Dom and asked, “Well, do you want to do it today?”

My brother-in-law started shaking his head, but it was already too late. My dad was in project mode! The next thing you know, Dom had his tools out, and Dad was on the patio brainstorming. A handful of hours and a lot of hard work later, they had the patio cleared and adjusted, and a garden was taking shape in the dirt.

That story perfectly encapsulates what I love about my dad. He’s a hard worker and a go-getter. He always strives to better himself, and he takes care of what needs to be done, especially when it comes to his family. No matter how exhausted he is, he keeps on grinding the gears and moving forward.

My Role Model and Inspiration

I like to think that I’ve inherited a little bit of that dedication. After spending this Father’s Day with him, I was reminded again of what an inspiration and a role model my dad is. He’s a self-taught entrepreneur. He started working at a construction company 30 years ago, and today, he owns the place. He’s my sounding board for everything, from building and growing BLF to understanding family dynamics, and he taught me how to set goals, push myself, and stay motivated to climb every mountain that pops up on the path toward growing my firm.

I can call home at any time of the day or night, only to hear, “Oh, your dad’s at the office.” Sometimes he gets up at 2:30 a.m. to get into work by 4 and then stays until 11 p.m. to make sure things are done right. My dad gives absolutely everything he has, every day. Whenever I have doubts, I can count on him to inspire me to get back to work and find that reservoir of dedication for my craft.

This year, my dad took on a new responsibility: He became a grandpa. Of course, he’s overachieving at that too! He took his granddad duties on with full force and spends hours with my niece whenever Rox and Dom need a break, making sure she gets her nap, breakfast, and dinner. I hope to emulate his dedication to family when I have one of my own.

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