Drugging at NC Daycare Involving FentanylDUPLIN COUNTY, North Carolina - A deeply troubling incident at Lou Anna’s Child Care Center in Duplin County has revealed that two innocent children were hospitalized after allegedly ingesting suspected fentanyl pills provided by a daycare employee. Our experienced daycare injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm comment on the incident, give insight into the dangers of daycare drugging, and discuss how daycare management and ownership can prevent events like these. 

What Happened at This Duplin County Daycare?

According to reports from the Greenville news station WITN, on Wednesday, March 6, two children ended up at ECU Health Duplin Hospital after they were found unresponsive. The article shares that the children were found in that state due to ingesting suspected fentanyl pills, which were allegedly given to the children by a daycare employee.

Duplin County Deputies said that the children received candy from the employee, but it was later determined that the children had been given fentanyl pills. When parents discovered that it wasn’t candy, they turned the remaining pills over to deputies. According to the article, both children have since been released from the hospital.

What Went Wrong at Lou Anna’s Child Care Center?

Our lawyers have seen and handled many incidents of daycare drugging cases throughout the years. There are a number of ways drugging can happen to kids at daycare, but it’s important to note that these incidents are always 100% preventable.

Whether the caregiver gave these pills to the children with the intent to harm them or if it turned out to be unintended, there are ways that the childcare center’s directors and owners can prevent these events from happening.

It’s horrifying to think about the potential outcomes of these cases – parents should not have to worry about their children being drugged while at daycare.

Legal Implications and Accountability

Our experienced daycare injury lawyers are closely monitoring the developments in this case. While no one has been arrested at this point, it is essential to hold accountable those responsible for compromising the safety of children. The Button Law Firm is committed to advocating for justice on behalf of affected families after their child was exposed to narcotics at daycare.

Preventative Measures Daycares Can Take to Stop Drugging Incidents

Daycare facilities must take proactive measures to prevent such incidents from occurring. This includes conducting thorough background checks on staff, participating in regular training on identifying potential risks, and implementing comprehensive safety protocols. The Button Law Firm is here to assist families in pursuing legal action when necessary to enforce accountability and protect their children's rights.

How The Button Law Firm Helps Families Move Forward After Drugging Incidents at Daycare

The allegations surrounding the Lou Anna’s Child Care Center case highlight the need for stringent measures to ensure the protection of children.

As dedicated and experienced daycare injury lawyers, The Button Law Firm is able to provide guidance and legal support for families affected by daycare incidents. Our mission is to ensure the safety and well-being of children in childcare settings, and we stand ready to uphold the rights of those affected by daycare negligence.

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