Child sad after being verbally abused by caregiver at daycareHow The Button Law Firm Helps Families Across the Country

Did you know that The Button Law Firm gets brought in to handle daycare cases in other states? We represent families of children injured, abused, or neglected at daycares in other states, like Missouri.

How We Helped a Family in Missouri

To do it, we often team up with a local law firm in the child’s area — and that’s exactly how we secured justice for a sweet little boy we’ll call “Bennett.”

Bennett attended daycare in Missouri. His parents assumed he would be in good hands there because Missouri law requires childcare centers to appoint trained, qualified directors to oversee their staff. Unfortunately, Bennett’s daycare didn’t comply with the law.

He ended up under the thumb of an abusive employee we’ll call “Dave.” Dave yelled and cursed at the kids in the daycare, including Bennett. He also degraded them and isolated them from their friends. During nap time, he would become aggressive to force the kids to go to sleep. This abuse affected Bennett to the point that he needed therapy for his stress, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, lack of self-worth, and loss of trust in the adults in his life.

When we heard about Bennett’s plight — and that Dave hadn’t been fired — we partnered up with Missouri personal injury attorney Chris Finney of Finney Injury Law to seek justice. Chris is a fantastic lawyer who focuses on child/daycare injury, accident law, brain injury, and premise liability cases. He’s also a dad to five adorable kids, so he knows just how sensitive they are and how important it is that parents have access to safe, high-quality daycare centers.

Like us, Chris could see the sad truth: If Bennett’s daycare had hired qualified and trained employees, supervised them, and acted on parent complaints, he would have been safe from Dave’s psychological abuse.

Bennett’s family deserved justice. Working side-by-side with Chris, we secured a settlement for Bennett and his family to help pay for his therapy and hold the daycare accountable for its mistakes. It was a big win for them and every child in daycare in Missouri.

Thank you, Chris, for your excellent work on this case. We’re looking forward to helping many more families with you!

How The Button Law Firm Can Help With Your Child's Daycare Emotional Abuse Case 

The Button Law Firm is a daycare injury law firm that has experience in helping kids and parents across the country with injuries caused by daycares. We help kids after they have been physically, emotionally, or psychologically abused or neglected while in the care of a daycare. 

Steps You Can Take If Your Child Suffers from Anxiety, Depression, or PTSD After Daycare Abuse

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