Child crying after being harmed at daycare.Qualified Daycare Employees are Essential to Keeping Our Kids Safe

Daycare facilities in Texas must have a process in place to hire qualified employees to be childcare providers. At a minimum, we expect daycare facilities to have our kids’ best interests in mind when hiring and training their employees. A question we get all the time is: What can Texas daycare facilities do to hire qualified employees?

The simple answer is to find people that love what they do, train them, and supervise the employees as well as the children. Do not allow them to put your kids in danger.

What Happened at This Spring, Texas Daycare?

An employee at Children's Lighthouse slammed a girl's head onto the floor, his reason for doing so is still unknown. Once the little girl started screaming in pain the employee tried to stop the bleeding. Doctors believe that the girl will have dental issues for the rest of her life due to this incident. Follow the link to read the story.

Children’s Lighthouse is a daycare facility in Spring, Texas.  Children’s Lighthouse has over 45 facilities in 12 different cities throughout the United States. In Texas, they operate in the DFW area, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. In the DFW, this daycare facility operates in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, and Frisco to name a few. This is not a small daycare company. However, it clearly allowed an unqualified employee to be hired and retained. It is unclear if anything in the hiring process would have caused red flags to show up or if there was a lack of training throughout his employment.

One red flag is current – this employee should not be allowed to be around kids. We usually see that there are red flags before hiring, during employment and a lack of training when red flags appear. This all boils down to a daycare facility that puts profits over safety. Is that what we want in a business that is entrusted with our kids?

What Can be Done About it?

First, every instance of child injury or neglect must be reported to the State of Texas. If you need help learning how to report an instance like this to the State of Texas, give us a call at 214-699-4409, and we can email you the proper information.

Second, you'll want to seek medical attention immediately for your child. Even if there is nothing visible, you want to take them to the hospital for diagnostics and follow up with their pediatrician.

Third, you want to make sure to make a report at the daycare facility. In that report, please do this in writing and request any video of the incident.

The reason you want to make these reports is so that the daycare facility is required to turn it over in the event a lawsuit is brought. Too many times, parents have told us that they did not write a report because the daycare facility did not make it seem like a big deal. Yet, when a serious injury is realized later and we get involved, there is no written proof of a report being made. That does not mean that there is not a case, but it does give the daycare the ability to deny a report was ever made and call you a liar. We see it all the time here at The Button Law Firm.

Want to Learn More About What to Do When Your Child Is Injured At a Spring Daycare?

If you or a loved one has been impacted by a Spring daycare facility, reach out to us at our main office at 214-699-4409. We have team members of our daycare negligence team based in Houston and ready to handle all your needs and answer any questions you may have. When your child is hurt, the last thing you want to do is deal with the legal side. Let us guide you through that process so you can focus on your child’s medical treatment and your family.

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