Children sitting in front of their daycare teacher.A parent should not have to worry if their child is being cared for properly when they are paying massive amounts of money to take their kid to a daycare facility. If a kid is in daycare, it is because their parents work a full-time job or multiple jobs or they are a single parent and they don’t have a family member that can help care for their child.  

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Does Primrose School Put Profit Over Safety?

Primrose is a franchising company in Early Childhood Education that is in 23 states with over 300 schools and roughly 60,000 children to care for. Primrose School of Friendswood Texas had multiple incidents within a three-month span where they had endangered the safety of a child who was under their care.

An incident report was filled on April 15 when a caregiver was seen aggressively waking children up by lifting the cots up and dropping them forcefully. Other caregivers lost their temper and started yelling at the children and grabbed the students aggressively by their arms and hands. The last incident reported was of a child who was thrown a shoe at their forehead by their caregiver. On July 15th, a caregiver failed to maintain the supervision of one of her students while away on a field trip. In short, what we have seen from Primrose’s facilities is alarming and not consistent with putting the kids' safety first.

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Want To Know More About How We Can Help If Your Child Is Injured Or Abused At A Houston Daycare Center?

Do you feel as if your kid has been hurt or neglected at a daycare in Houston? You should report it to the State of Texas. Give us a call at 281-857-6116. We have a daycare team in Houston.

If you or a loved one has had a negative experience at Primrose School, or another Houston daycare facility, let us know. We are here for you and your family. Not only will you have peace of mind but you can help prevent other children from getting hurt by the same facility if we are able to create safety awareness.

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