Truck in car crash after hitting an innocent driver.Dallas Lawyers Deliver Justice for Man Hit by Truck Driver Under the Influence of Drugs

A North Texas man was able to get justice after being sideswiped by an 18-wheeler that was traveling the wrong way on the highway, thanks to a settlement secured by our knowledgeable Texas truck wreck attorneys at The Button Law Firm.

In April 2020, a North Texas man was driving on Interstate Highway 45 in Wilmer when an 18-wheeler being driven the wrong way sideswiped his car. A police officer who arrived at the scene conducted a field investigation and determined that the driver of the 18-wheeler was under the influence of drugs and caused the accident.

Thankfully, our client contacted our experienced truck accident legal team to hold the negligent driver and the trucking company accountable for causing the accident, as well as protect other innocent drivers from future outcomes that could be fatal. The settlement secured by our personal injury attorneys will help the man heal by covering his existing and future medical treatments.

Injuries Our Client Suffered in The Wreck Caused by a Truck Driver Under the Influence  

As you can imagine, our client was severely injured in the accident involving his car and the 18-wheeler truck. Despite his body being properly restrained by his seatbelt, his head and body were violently slammed from side to side upon impact. He suffered injuries to his head, neck, right shoulder, arms, back, right wrist, right hip, and right knee.

He sought medical attention at an emergency room and from specialists after experiencing intense pain that persisted without relief and interfered with his daily activities and sleep. He underwent multiple medical procedures and went to physical therapy for five months after the date of the accident to treat the severity of his injuries.

How The Settlement Secured by Our Experienced Dallas Car Wreck Attorneys Helped

The extensive medical treatments required to help our client heal from his injuries and live pain-free were expensive. Not only did our client have medical bills piling up, but he also had to deal with the aftermath of the car wreck, including his own vehicle being totaled in the accident.

His job required him to walk around and inspect large apartment communities. At the time of the accident, he was responsible for overseeing the renovation of a large complex. The accident left him unable to do that job and greatly impaired his abilities to the point that he worried about losing his job. Our team fought to ensure that he recovered all that he lost from this crash.

Thanks to the settlement secured by our team, our client was able to recoup expenses from this crash, find closure, and move forward with his life.

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