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What Happened?

On April 6, 2015, a drunk driver got behind the wheel. He had his wife and 2 small kids in the car as well. They were at a drive-in movie theater and the drinking did not stop there. The drunk driver continued to drink along the drive back home. He was over twice the legal limit at the time of the wreck.

As the drunk driver continued along the roadway, he began to go to the left on FM 1382 in Cedar Hill, Texas, which is in Dallas County. The drunk driver crossed over the median, through the grass and the dip, and went into oncoming traffic. They did nothing to avoid the car heading toward them and in an instant a major head on crash occurred.

On the way up FM 1382, Collin was traveling to his office to get his new schedule for work and get a jump start on his way home. All of a sudden his life, mind and body were changed forever.

At the scene, the drunk driver was stumbling around and had beer cans out of the car. The police were called and Collin then had to deal with the reality that life was not going to be the same.

How we Helped

Collin got ahold of our office through his employer. Collin was able to get into a chiropractor that really helped him get back to a tolerable pain level over many months. Throughout that time, Collin went in to get imaging and found out the ligaments around his spine were permanently stretched and would never be the same. So, he took it upon himself to work as hard as he could at recovering physically so he could work.

The defense tried to argue that soft tissue injuries weren’t important. We were able to show through objective tests and imaging that these were real injuries, even though they aren’t visible on the outside. In fact, most significant injuries are not visible on the outside. Our nerves run through our “soft-tissues” and cause immense pain at all levels.

The defense also tried to argue gaps in treatment. Collin had to put food on the table and did not want to run up unnecessary medical expenses. He was only about to use his day off work each week to go and spend the whole day getting medical treatment. Otherwise, he had to tolerate the pain at work and do his best, which he did. Collin didn’t just sit at home waiting for a paycheck. We were able to get Collin ready for this in his deposition and he showed the true human aspect of this to defeat the defense.

With a lot of time and work, we were able to show the defense that we outwork other firms and were ready for everything. They would be facing a large verdict by a Dallas County jury because of the great human impact of this case.

Cutting Edge Demands

When the insurance company got our policy limit timed demand, they knew we meant business. We always do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it. That is how a reputation is built.

When the Defendants chose not to show up for their depositions, we immediately knew that we had them right where we wanted them. Through Collin we were able to show the true human losses with stories.

The Full Policy Limits Were Paid On This Claim.

This was a substantial recovery for our client. All his medical expenses and liens were paid off. He was able to receive closure and a message was sent to the community that there is a system of accountability.

We were able to show the true human losses by spending a lot of time with our client. In the end, the greatest recovery he received was closure so he could move forward. Collin was a fantastic client and has remained a close friend of the firm.

Why Was This An Important Case For All Drivers?

We all know that insurance companies are profit generators. They do not want to pay money that they know they must. However, we were able to force the insurance company to pay this claim in its entirety because we refused to allow our client to be taken advantage of.

Imagine that you were on your way home from work at night and someone decides to drink while driving and hit you head on. You were asked how much it would cost to have your spine changed forever while you spend months in and out of treatment. To top it off, the drunk driver and his wife don’t care enough to show up to their depositions. To us at The Button Law Firm, that is unacceptable. We protect our clients and we prevent abuse from insurance companies. This story illustrates why we do what we do.

Our client is now successfully trying to open his own business and has remained a close friend of mine as well as a core part of our Button Law Firm Family.
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