child with broken arm and stitches due to daycare negligenceA young boy was seriously hurt at a daycare center in Dallas in June 2023, when caregivers allowed him and other children to play football without any protective equipment or adequate supervision. The child was pushed into an aluminum gate during the game, causing him to break his upper arm and suffer a deep gash above his eyebrow, which required 13 stitches.

Once her son received medical treatment, the boy’s mother contacted our experienced Texas daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm, who held the Dallas daycare center accountable for disregarding Texas daycare laws meant to protect children. By calling out the daycare’s negligent actions that resulted in the young boy’s injuries, our firm was able to secure a settlement that covered the boy’s costly medical expenses and compensated the family for the psychological damages they endured.

How Did the Dallas Daycare Workers Cause the Boy’s Serious Injuries?

In this case, the Dallas daycare center acted negligently and did not prioritize child safety, even though the boy’s mother expressed her concern regarding the daycare center letting children play football—a rough game that was inappropriate for her son’s age group. The morning the incident occurred, she told a caregiver at the center that her son was not allowed to play to protect him from being harmed.

However, the caregiver did not relay the mother’s directive to the staff responsible for the boy’s care. Thus, the little boy played football at the Dallas daycare center again without any protective equipment or proper supervision and was seriously hurt when he was pushed into a broken fence while playing.

All daycare centers in Texas, including the facility in Dallas, are required to follow strict laws, known as the minimum standards, that address every aspect of childcare to ensure little ones are not harmed. These standards require daycare centers to:

  • Maintain a safe environment for children
  • Provide adequate supervision
  • Conduct daily inspections to ensure there are no hazards in play spaces
  • Provide age-appropriate play activities for children
  • Maintain continuity of care by sharing any instructions from parents with all caregivers
  • Contact emergency medical services if a child is seriously harmed at the center

The daycare center in Dallas did not comply with the standards when caregivers allowed the young boy and his classmates to play a dangerous game. An independent investigation conducted by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services found the center violated daycare laws and cited the facility for failing to share pertinent information that resulted in the boy's injury.

The Dallas daycare center’s safety record also revealed that the facility did not prioritize child safety—it received seven violations in the four years leading up to the boy’s injury. The state found the daycare center did not hire qualified caregivers who completed background checks before watching children, and classrooms at the center repeatedly exceeded acceptable child-to-caregiver ratios, making it impossible for little ones to be carefully watched. (In one instance, 43 children were assigned to just two caregivers at the Dallas daycare center.)

How Did The Button Law Firm Help the Dallas Child Move Forward from His Serious Daycare Injuries?

After being pushed into the Dallas daycare center’s aluminum gate, the young boy displayed serious injuries. He was immediately rushed to Children’s Health Dallas, where doctors examined him, performed X-ray imaging, and diagnosed his injury as a closed supracondylar fracture of his right humerus. They also placed the child in a long-arm posterior splint and referred him to an orthopedist for specialized care. He was forced to wear a long arm cast and follow activity restrictions for four weeks over the summer.

In addition to the arm injury, the deep cut that the child sustained above his left eyebrow was profusely bleeding. Doctors at the hospital treated that injury by sedating the boy and giving him 13 stitches to help it heal properly. 

Along with extensive medical treatments that would mean costly medical bills for his mother, the young boy experienced a high degree of distress from the traumatic incident. Since his injury at the daycare center was sustained in June, the little boy missed out on fun summer activities because of the limitations of his fracture and cast.

His self-confidence also dwindled from a prominent disfigurement. Children often brought to his attention the permanent scar above his eyebrow.

Our Texas daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm fought to get justice for this young child and his parents. We held the Dallas daycare accountable for all of its failures that caused the boy’s injuries, and we secured compensation for him and his family to cover all of the damages they suffered that helped him heal from his injuries and move forward from the traumatic incident.

The Button Law Firm Can Help Get Justice After a Child is Injured at a Daycare Center

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