Child with head injuryIn March 2022, a young boy seriously injured his head because a worker at a daycare center in Forney, Texas, abruptly ripped up a mat the boy was standing on. As a result of the worker’s actions, the boy fell headfirst on the facility’s tile floor. A large bump on the right side of his forehead was visible. 

The daycare center then lied to the boy’s mother about the incident by telling her he hurt his head while playing and jumping with other children on the nap mats. The facility’s surveillance video footage told a different story: The worker intentionally hurt the little boy and caused his injuries.

The little boy’s mother contacted our experienced North Texas daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm to get answers and hold the Forney facility accountable for her son’s long-lasting injuries. Our lawyers got justice by securing a settlement for the young boy and his family to cover expenses ranging from medical bills to psychological resources to help the young boy heal from his head and neurological injuries caused by the daycare’s negligence and allow them to move forward.

How the Forney Daycare Center Failed The Little Boy and His Family

In this case, the little boy’s injuries were 100% preventable. The Forney daycare center broke many safety laws, known as minimum standards, that were created to protect children in Texas, like this little boy, from intentional abuse. The incident could have easily been prevented if the facility had ensured its employees knew and complied with the standards.

First and foremost, the daycare center did not hire qualified and competent caregivers. (Qualified caregivers are defined as workers who demonstrate good judgment and self-control when performing their job of watching children in their care.) Surveillance video of the incident revealed that the caregiver aggressively ripped the mat from under the little boy’s feel while looking directly at the little boy.

Secondly, the Forney facility did not deliver on its promise to the little boy’s mom that the facility would provide a safe and engaging environment. Texas laws mandate daycare centers and their directors to train and oversee workers in the safe and proper handling of children. In this case, the daycare center’s failure to comply with these requirements allowed the caregiver to mistreat the little boy.

Lastly, the daycare center also neglected to document and report the incident to the Department of Family and Protective Services, as required by Texas laws.

This incident was not the first that resulted in a child being hurt by a caregiver at the Forney daycare center. Four months prior, the facility received four citations from the state for injuring a child who was roughly handled by a caregiver.

How The Button Law Firm Got Justice for The Little Boy and His Family

As you can imagine, a head injury for any person is serious. That is especially true for a young child. The toddler’s mother rushed him to a doctor’s office for an examination, where he was diagnosed with a head injury. The bump on the boy’s head did not go away and he developed nausea, headaches, and experienced behavior changes.

A CT scan at a children’s hospital revealed the boy was suffering from bone scar tissue that would likely take several years to heal.

Meanwhile, the little boy’s speech was also impacted by the head injury that was caused by the daycare center in Forney. He could only say simple words like “yes,” “hello,” and “goodbye.” In addition to his speech regression, doctors noted the boy’s head injury caused other neurological developmental challenges to his fine motor and communication skills. His speech was noticeably jumbled, and every word he said was unclear. Doctors put him on long-term therapies to treat his language and communication.

The boy’s severe physical injuries prevented him from sleeping, and the immense pain caused random crying spells. He suffered extreme separation anxiety and became clingier to his mom. She reported that her son refused to sleep alone and could not be away from her for long periods of time.

The daycare incident also took a toll on the boy’s mom. She was forced to stay home with the little boy for over five months to take care of him, worried that her son would be unsafe at any daycare facility.

Our North Texas daycare injury lawyers helped the young boy and his family move forward with a settlement agreement. The Forney daycare center was held accountable for the boy’s preventable head injury and forced to compensate the family for their monetary and noneconomic damages. The settlement covered the boy’s costly medical bills and the resources needed to help his long healing journey.  

How Our Texas Daycare Injury Lawyers Can Help Your Family

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