Child with injured finger getting treatment after severe finger injury at daycare.In June 2022, a 2-year-old boy was left in the care of an unqualified worker at a Texarkana daycare when he experienced a severe finger injury. Without adequate supervision from the daycare worker, another child in the classroom was able to shut the door, slamming the toddler’s fingers in the door’s hinge and severely cutting him. The toddler was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he received five stitches to help heal his injuries.

Our Texas daycare injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm partnered with another firm to get justice for this little boy and his family. The combined resources held the Texarkana daycare accountable, providing the family with monetary compensation to cover the boy’s medical expenses and help them move forward.

Texarkana Daycare Safety Failures

Aware that the toddler’s finger injuries were preventable, the Texas Health and Human Service Commission conducted an investigation into the Texarkana daycare’s supervision problems. The agency found that it was a routine occurrence to have unqualified workers left alone with children, a violation of the state’s strict childcare laws, also known as minimum standards. Furthermore, the daycare’s director was aware of the ongoing safety violations, yet she did not take any steps to correct the dangerous practice.

It's no secret that young children, especially toddlers like this little boy, are curious and explore the many details in a classroom, like the door hinge. That is why it is crucial to have qualified daycare workers overseeing children like the toddler in this case. Qualified caregivers are required to complete thorough training, empowering them with child development and safety awareness. Thus, they are able to foresee potential dangers to a child in a daycare classroom and prevent incidents like finger injuries at the daycare

Unfortunately, the Texarkana daycare had a history of failing to keep children in its care safe. Prior to the toddler’s finger injuries, the childcare facility received three citations in less than the span of one year. All three citations were related to the daycare’s failures to qualify, train, and supervise its employees in order to prevent children from being harmed. Had the daycare in Texarkana taken corrective measures, the little boy would not have injured his fingers. 

Getting Justice and Helping a Texarkana Family Move Forward After a Toddler’s Daycare Injury

The toddler, in this case, suffered serious injuries from this preventable incident. A report from the emergency room that triaged the little boy’s hand reported that upon arrival to the hospital, his right finger was hanging off, and the tip was placed back on. The boy received five stitches to close the deep laceration and prevent infection. In addition, he was required to attend follow-up medical appointments to ensure his finger was healing properly.

Working with another firm, our daycare injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm made sure this daycare in Texarkana was held accountable for all safety violations that caused the boy’s finger injury. The little boy and his family were able to recover with the necessary resources to help the toddler heal and move forward.

How The Button Law Firm Can Help Your Family with a Daycare Injury Case in Texas

If your child was abused or neglected at daycare, contact our knowledgeable Texas daycare injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm. We are experienced in working on cases involving children who are hurt because of negligent daycare workers. Our attorneys will listen to you and your child to assess the situation and determine how a daycare failed to protect your child in its care. Our attorneys at The Button Law Firm are recognized on the prestigious Texas Super Lawyers list, and we can help guide you after a traumatizing incident involving your child. We work on contingency, meaning we don’t charge you or collect any upfront fees to get started on your case. Call us at 214-699-4409 or fill out a contact form below for a free consultation.
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