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What Can Texas Daycare Facilities Do to Hire Qualified Employees?

Daycare facilities in Texas MUST hire qualified employees to be childcare providers. It’s imperative that daycare centers go through a hiring process where they’re researching and properly qualifying the candidates so that they know for certain that their newly hired employees are qualified for the job. Believe it or not, this alone can save the lives of many children, along with daycare centers using great character judgment during the hiring process. Children are innocent, and their caretakers must know how to care for children in a kind and action-oriented manner.  In order to prevent daycare negligence, procedures must be put in place to prevent the hiring of unqualified employees.

At a minimum, we expect the daycare employees to:

1.    Have a passion for kids – meaning they actually enjoy being around and taking care of kids. We wouldn't want a bunch of teachers that hate kids and get annoyed or frustrated with them. Instead, you want those people (and they are out there) that just truly enjoy watching and taking care of kids.

2.    Patience – anyone who is a parent of any kind, yes animals count, knows how important it is to have patience. What we don’t want is someone that gets agitated dealing with kids then not supervise them because they are frustrated.

3.    Anticipate harmful child behaviors – we want people that have experience seeing something happen before it does. Most childcare-related injuries happen because the teacher is not supervising at all. A majority of injuries happen when the daycare providers let the kids run wild without the proper supervision, which in return causes injuries that could have very well easily been prevented. As adults, we can generally see things coming before they actually happen, and nine times out of ten, we have the power to stop it with good judgment and a sense of urgency. 

4.    Honesty – we have seen numerous incidents where clients have come to us and said, "the daycare never told me” or “they downplayed it". Good or bad, parents have a right to know what happens to their kids when they are in the hands of others.

5.    Caring – do the teachers and daycare upper management really care about kids, or is this job just something to do to collect a check? In most cases, the daycare facility alleges it is just “kids being kids,” and they don’t realize that the only time our clients’ children have been severely injured was when it happened in daycare.

At the end of the day, the hiring process of daycare employees should be thorough and tedious. Kids are innocent and susceptible to being taken advantage of by daycare workers. For all of the hard-working families where both parents work, or with single parents, you deserve to have a daycare hire qualified employees that are trained and supervised.

Daycare Abuse and Negligence Can All be Traced Back to: 

Daycare injuries are often caused due to lack of supervision, and it all starts with the daycare centers not hiring qualified employees. Many times, when daycare injuries do occur, many caretakers will not even notify a parent and hope that the child doesn't either. In fact, most of the time this is done to protect themselves or cover up system failures for the facility they work for. 

If your child was injured at daycare, check out this FREE guide: Five Step Guide For Parents Dealing With A Daycare Injury.

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