When parents find out that their child has been injured at daycare, there's a level of frustration. There's a level of disappointment. There's a level of anger. What we see the most of is the fact that parents have a lot of guilt.

It's Not Your Fault 

Recently, we found out about Becky's Home Childcare was severely busing and neglecting the children under Rebecca Anderson's care. When I thought about what the parents of those children may be going through, I thought that it must be difficult, with so many questions running through their minds, such as: 

  • What could I have done differently?
  • What did I miss along the way?
  • What red flags did I potentially ignore?
  • Did I look at the right stuff before actually sending my kid there?
  • Why did this happen?

If Your Child Attended Becky's Child Home Care, Look Out For These Signs Of Daycare Abuse And Negligence

Most parents that had children that were involved in being abused and neglected by Rebecca Anderson at Becky's Home Childcare in Mesquite, Texas, are likely feeling significant guilt right now, along with the other range of emotions that I mentioned before, mainly anger and frustration.

The one phrase that parents might think of themselves is "bad parents," and that's not what they were. These parents are working hard everyday to put food on the table and needed a daycare provider they could trust, and yet their trust was betrayed, and that betrayal runs deep.

When you have a daycare operator like Rebecca Anderson that constantly lies to the parents about injuries that happened when these kids are under her care. Whether it was a small bruises or a broken bone, she's quick to blame it on something else such as the kid tripped and fell. The parent doesn't know any different. It's only when a lot of parents start to add these injuries up and start to see the red marks. A parent can also notice a kid being terrorized at night with nightmares due to years of psychological and mental abuse, which will add up over time.

A lot of these were toddlers that were too young to be able to communicate and talk. The ones that could communicate and talk were threatened to not say anything.

How To Best Help A Child Impacted By Daycare Injury, Abuse or Neglect

Let's start with the kids that can't communicate, the infants and toddlers, that are anywhere from three months old to even up to two and three years old. Those toddlers are likely suffering from not just the physical injuries, but the mental and emotional injuries that they can't communicate about. I want you to imagine for a second a significant traumatic events happened to you as an adult, and not being able to tell anybody about that. Imagine how scary that is.

These kids are going to have separation anxiety. They're going to have outbursts, wetting the bed. They're going to be scared more often than they normally would be. But definitely separation anxiety is what's going to come about because parents bring comfort, and when that comfort leaves after being traumatized for so long, they could potentially be harmfully effected. These parents need to be making notes of what they see happening with their child because a counselor is not going to be beneficial at that age just yet.

However, parents want to be aware of the older children, ranging from four and up, that were under Rebecca Anderson's care. These children will need to be checked for physical injuries, burns, bruises, scars, and brain injuries. You will also want to be look for any mental and emotional trauma that might have developed over the years and make sure that the doctor notes it down. The mental and emotional trauma will have the same symptoms as anybody else would have: tremors, nightmares, wetting the bed, temper tantrums, problems controlling their emotions, fear, lack of trust. 

But mainly, the parents are going to want to be ready to get their children to a counselor, therapists and psychologists earlier, rather than later. This is because if they can get out of that kind of trauma created at that young of an age, which we see on kids in our daycare cases anywhere from four years old all the way up to 12 years old, if they can get out ahead of that trauma, it will help them be able to deal with events that come down later in life and be able to find closure to that sort of traumatic event in their lives.

What Can The Button Law Firm Do To Help With Your Daycare Negligence And Abuse Case? 

At the end of the day, these parents are now feeling the guilt of what was created by this monster, Rebecca Anderson. If you want to know more about the criminal process and understand what's going to happen with Rebecca Anderson from the criminal aspect, you can track that case here. 

Check this article, Important Information For Families With Children Impacted As A Result Of The Daycare Negligence At Becky's Home Child Care.

What the Button Law Firm does for all of our clients that are victims of daycare negligence and abuse is make sure that parents understand the different medical treatments that are involved with severe abuse and neglect cases like these.

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