6 questions to ask when hiring a nanny or babysitter

Top Six Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Potential Texas Nanny or Babysitter

Finding a nanny or babysitter for your child can be tough. You’re putting your trust in a stranger to ensure they keep your child healthy and safe while you’re away. Make sure to ask these important questions provided by our Texas daycare injury lawyer when interviewing potential candidates.

Can you list your top 3 qualities and why they’re important in being a babysitter or nanny?

This question will allow you to get an understanding of what this person values. Do they share the same values and philosophies about childcare as you?

How do you approach discipline?

This is open-ended and encourages the candidate to give an answer on the spot. Look out for red flags like indirect mentions of physical or psychological harm towards children. You can also use this link to learn more about improper discipline.

What is your experience with caring for children, and why did you leave your last employer?

Usually, the more experience your child’s caregiver has, the better. However, you want to make sure that they have valuable experience and good methods when caring for children. Make sure to see why they might’ve left their previous employer. Was there a dispute or issue with the prior family? If so, ask more about what happened.

Give an example (depending on the age range of the child) to see how they would respond to an emergency situation. Ask “What would you do if my child...”

Some examples would be:

  1. ingested poisonous chemicals?
  2. sustained an injury like a broken bone?
  3. is burned from bottle warmers, ovens, toasters, and stoves?
  4. gets a pool injury or drowns?

Test the candidates’ knowledge of how to handle emergency situations. Do they sound confident in their answers? Do they know CPR?

Click this link to read more about common injuries to children.

What is your opinion on screen time? What activities would you implement away from the screen?

You can ask this question to see how interactive the childcare provider might be. If they are advocates of screen time, that could mean that they want to have little interaction with your child. Make sure the candidates you interview do not display any tendencies of neglect.

Learn more about screen time here.

Why did you decide to become a childcare provider?

This is another open-ended question. Try to get a good understanding of what kind of person this is and why they decided to choose this profession. Are they there just for the paycheck, or do they genuinely enjoy providing care for children? Do they seem knowledgeable and passionate about what they do?

What else can you do to make sure you’re hiring a good nanny or babysitter?

  1. Background check—make sure the care provider has no violent criminal record or complaints or history of abuse.
  2. Drug test—Having your newly-hired care provider take a drug test can help ease concerns that they may be under the influence while on the job. Read about signs of substance abuse on the job.
  3. Ask for references—ask for references from the candidate’s previous employers and verify the information provided by the candidate.

Remember, it is important to properly evaluate the candidates and look for any red flags that may arise during the interview. Oftentimes, these same rules can apply to choosing the right daycare provider. Your child’s safety and well-being are the top priorities when looking for the right person to watch your child.

If you suspect your child was harmed due to an abusive or negligent care provider, whether it was at home or in a daycare, contact an attorney. Holding the organization and/or person that was supposed to provide proper care to your child should be held accountable for their actions, and you and your child may be able to recover damages caused to you by the organization. Our law firm is dedicated to protecting children from harmful actions caused by inadequate care. Contact us or call us at (214) 699-4409





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