Prohibited Punishment - Withholding Food and Water

There are many different forms of abuse and neglect suffered by children at daycare. Today, we want to talk to you about what to do if your child’s daycare is withholding food, snacks, drinks, and other basic necessities as a form of discipline or punishment.

It may sound unbelievable, but this has happened to several children we’ve represented. Frustrated daycare employees believe withholding things like snacks and water is an effective and legal way to discipline children in their care.

Not only is this cruel, but it’s also against the state’s minimum standards for daycares. The damage it causes can manifest itself in a number of ways.

Withholding food and water is an unnecessary and cruel form of prohibited punishment. Doing so can cause lasting psychological damage to young kids, who might associate punishments with eating and drinking. Additionally, it’s important to note that intentionally allowing a child to go without eating and drinking can be considered a form of abuse and neglect.

Improper Discipline at Texas Daycares

Other forms of prohibited punishments might include:

  • Not changing a baby’s diaper
  • Not allowing a child to go to the bathroom
  • Not allowing a child to participate in essential play or learning time at daycare
  • Forcing children to nap instead of giving them an alternative quiet time activity

All of these things can cause lasting damage to kids. Young children should never have basic necessities revoked as a form of discipline. If a daycare does this, they are directly violating the state’s minimum standards.

If you discovered that your child was the victim of a prohibited punishment at daycare, it’s important that you speak to a lawyer to learn what the next steps are.

Your child should not be the victim of cruel forms of punishment at daycare. That’s why it’s so important you start getting help from our daycare injury attorneys today.

And if you aren’t quite ready to talk to an attorney – we understand. Download our free 5-step guide on what to do after a daycare injury. It can help you answer questions you might have after your child is abused or neglected at daycare.

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