Every year, 1.5 million people in the U.S. suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBI), with 800,000 of them being mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBI), according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Because they can’t be seen on the outside, these brain injuries, including concussions, often go undiagnosed. This happens far too often in car wrecks, and it can have serious consequences for victims and their families.

Car Wreck and Concussions

Protect yourself and loved ones by knowing common signs and symptoms to look for when it comes to brain injuries like concussions.

The Signs and Symptoms of a Concussion


Firstly, know that with a traumatic brain injury like a concussion, you won’t always have a loss of consciousness. The most common types of trauma related to concussions in car wrecks happen when you have a side impact causing you to hit your head on the window, or from a whiplash effect from hitting the headrest.   Because of this, you can get a concussion even if you didn’t hit your head.

A concussion can cause sensitivity to any of the following:

●     Light

●     Noise

●     Touch

●     Crowds

●     Busy Environments

●     Movement

●     Heights

You may also have symptoms of:

●     Dizziness

●     Poor Balance

●     Nausea

●     Fatigue

●     Ringing in Ears

●     Recurrent Headaches

●     Motion Sickness

●     Sensitivity to Touch

●     Depression

●     Anxiety

●     Increased Irritability

●     Sleep Disturbances

●     Disorientation and Confusion

●     "Stop-Stare" Episodes (Seizures)

Any number of these are complaints that are associated with concussions and more serious brain injuries. Do not underestimate any of these. With brain injuries and specifically concussions, many of the symptoms seem like minor issues. However, when you add them up, the cumulative effect is devastating. On the outside, you look fine, but on the inside, your brain is tragically affected.

What If the CT Scan was Negative? 

Even if you go to the emergency room and get a CT Scan and it comes back negative, it does not rule out the possibility of brain damage. MRI, FMRI, SPECT and PET scans must also be considered, as well as a thorough neuropsychological examination.

Make sure your current doctor refers you to a neurologist to help assess your potential brain injury. Trust your family and friends when they tell you something is off or something is different. Do not downplay these symptoms to your treating physician.

Concussions and brain injuries impact everyone differently. It may take a loved one speaking up to realize there’s been a change in your personality or ability to function. If you or your loved one have noticed changes in any of the following areas, seek medical treatment immediately:

●     Vision

●     Taste

●     Smell

●     Muscle Strength

●     Ability to Concentrate

●     Memory

●     Reading

●     Auditory Comprehension

●     Paying Attention

●     Fears

●     Safety

●     Judgment

●     Decision Making

●     Initiation and Execution of A Task

●     Planning

●     Speed of Processing

●     Temperament

●     Sleep

●     Eating

●     Sexual Drive

●     Social Isolation/Involvement

●     Quality of, or Ability, to Work

●     Behavior (Avoidance)

If you are suffering any of these symptoms or changes, don’t just wait and see what happens. Please see a medical professional and take this seriously. Your well-being depends on it.

Find Support – We Can Help!

When a concussion or brain injury impacts the way we think, it results in changes to the rest of our lives. Don’t hesitate to reach out to others for support.

If you need help understanding your concussion, brain injury, or any other head-related injury after a car or truck wreck, please contact us. Although car or truck wrecks are not the only causes of brain injuries, they are the most frequent, and most frequently missed. Don’t let yours go undiagnosed or untreated. Seek medical help immediately. 

At the Button Law Firm, we have handled many brain injury cases and we routinely work with leading brain injury experts and researchers to keep our clients in the top facilities and on the cutting edge for recoveries. We are here for you.

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