Why Are Car Wrecks So Prevalent In Construction Zones? 

Construction zones are everywhere, especially in bigger cities like Houston and Dallas. If you drive in Texas, you will run into construction at some point. It doesn't matter if it is rush hour or an off hour, construction zones cause traffic. Traffic causes people to become frustrated, impatient, distracted, and dangerous. When you have any mixture of these drivers in one area, serious wrecks are going to happen. When drivers allow circumstances to disrupt their good judgment is when bad accidents occur. This is a big problem on our roads and this is a reality that we have to realize on the day to day. Many drivers that become angry on the road, not only are threatening their own lives, but also the lives of others. Innocent children are also affected and there are way too many deaths that happen daily across the United States due to negligent drivers on the road.

Why Are Drivers Letting Their Guard Down?

When drivers come to a stop or are in stop-and-go traffic, drivers have a tendency to let their guard down. Drivers just don't think that they need to pay as close attention. So, that is when they change the CD or scroll Facebook. They may still move a few feet at a time, but their foot isn't on the gas. Distracted driving is an epidemic and it is particularly dangerous in construction zones where lanes change and detours happen often.

Why Are Drivers So Aggressive?

We have all seen them and been around them. The drivers that just lose their mind in traffic or slow down areas. This frustration always results in road rage and aggressive driving. Usually aggressive drivers speed to let out their frustration. Speeding in a construction zone is especially dangerous with workers present as well as other drivers merging lanes. 

What Can Happen In A Car Wreck In Construction Zones?

Construction zones are full of pedestrians which consist of the road crew. The way that the crews work is dangerous enough, and the speed zones are not making life easier on the crew and drivers. many times the speed limit could drastically drop in the matter of a split second before you read the sign that says " caution for road workers. There are also parked cars of the workers, as well as cars going slow. How many times have we seen massive pile up wrecks being caused by drivers that slam into the back of traffic? For example, 18 wheeler drivers slamming into the back of stopped traffic. We have also seen where drivers are not paying attention and miss a lane change slamming into construction workers present. These are things that take place on a daily basis and continue to be a huge problem on our roads. We have to drive for other reckless drivers and must always be alert because we can not trust that all drivers are aware and focused. 

How Frequent Do Car Wrecks Occur In Texas Construction Zones?

There were 25,814 car wrecks in work zones in Texas in 2016 alone. Across the country, the number of work zone wrecks has risen almost 150% since 2013. This is a scary stat that has changed lives forever. In 2016, 181 people lost their lives and almost 12,000 people were injured in wrecks in work zones. These numbers only represent what was reported. 

How Can The Button Law Firm Help With Your Car Wreck?

Anyone that has been killed or injured in a car wreck in a work zone may have a claim for personal injury or wrongful death. The one thing that we see is people settling cheap or quickly and not getting to the root of the problem to prevent this from happening again. Time and time again, we get calls from folks injured in work zone wrecks that wonder why the rules aren't different. It is when folks stand up and make a difference.

Whether you or a loved one has been injured, make sure that you have a trial lawyer that is working to prevent wrecks from happening again through enforcing the safety rules. If you would like to reach out to us for any car wreck in work zones throughout Texas, give us a call at 214-888-2216. 

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