Couple having a discussion after a daycare injury.Finding a Daycare Injury Lawyer After an Injury

A majority of working parents in Texas entrust their little ones to local daycare centers, believing that their children will be cared for in a safe and nurturing environment. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and children can be seriously hurt when Texas daycare centers and caregivers are negligent. The mix of emotions such as shock, concern, and anger after a child suffers an injury at a daycare center can be overwhelming. Thus, making it hard to know what to do next.

Don’t fret. Our knowledgeable and experienced Texas daycare injury lawyers are here to help guide you after a child was injured or suffered from a traumatic experience at a local daycare center. If finding a lawyer to hold the daycare accountable is top of mind, follow these five key steps to choose the best lawyer to help your family get justice and move forward.

Step 1: Look at The Lawyer’s Experience with Daycare Injury Cases

Daycare injury cases can be complex since young children are involved. In addition, these cases can span multiple practice areas like premises liability, criminal acts, or, in fatal incidents, wrongful death of a child at a daycare center. That is why you will need to look at the lawyer’s experience and find someone who specializes in daycare injury cases. These experienced attorneys understand the unique challenges of daycare injury cases and are well-versed in nuances of Texas childcare laws, also known as minimum standards. The right attorney can provide the expertise needed to navigate the legal system and provide support for your family.

Step 2: Review the Daycare Injury Lawyer’s Client References

Conducting online searches and examining reviews and testimonials from past clients can offer a wealth of information about a daycare injury lawyer. For example, you can get insight on the reputation of the lawyer and firm’s legal team. Other aspects of a review or testimonial to closely inspect include:

  • Did any of the past clients appear to face a similar situation as your family?
  • Are past clients happy with how their daycare injury case was handled?
  • What did past clients say about the way the daycare injury lawyer and firm team treated them?

Step 3: Get a Free Consultation

A free consultation with a daycare injury lawyer is an excellent way to get to know your family’s prospective legal counsel. This meeting provides an opportunity for you to confidentially discuss what happened to your child at a daycare center. While speaking to the daycare injury lawyer, you will get their feedback regarding if you have grounds for a legal case. If they believe that you have a case, the conversation will help you evaluate their understanding of Texas daycare laws, your legal rights as a parent, and their approach to seeking justice for your child.

In addition, you want a daycare injury lawyer who is compassionate and understands the emotional toll a daycare incident has on your child and family. Following your consultation, ask yourself: Did the lawyer and legal team sound empathetic and demonstrate a genuine concern for the well-being of my child? 

Step 4: Evaluate the Daycare Injury Lawyer’s Communication Style

The legal process can take several months, or even years, depending on the court and your case. Therefore, you will be communicating with your family’s daycare injury lawyer a lot! Make sure that you are aligned with the lawyer’s communication style and frequency. It is important to select a lawyer who keeps you informed, promptly responds to your questions, and proactively provides you with progress updates on the status of your child’s case.

Step 5: Ask More Questions

After you have gone through the first four steps, the final step is to ensure all of your questions have been answered. Your child is your pride and joy, so finding the best fit is important when it comes to selecting a daycare injury attorney. Here is a list of additional questions to help you gather all the information necessary before hiring a daycare injury lawyer to help your family:

  • How many cases does your firm handle at one time?
  • What is the process of handling a daycare injury case at your firm?
  • What is your contingency fee prior to filing a daycare injury lawsuit?
  • What is your contingency fee after filing a daycare injury lawsuit?
  • If my child needs help finding the right doctor, can you provide us with a list of trusted physicians who can treat his or her injuries?

Free Resources to Help Your Family After a Daycare Injury

Our experienced daycare injury lawyers understand a daycare injury can be traumatic and have long-lasting impacts on an entire family. That is why we have created several resources to help guide parents after a child is seriously hurt at a daycare center:

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