Parent calling daycare to ask what happened to their childWhat to Do If Your Child is Injured at Daycare

As a parent, discovering your child has an injury when picking them up from daycare can be alarming and distressing. Whether it's a broken bone or a head injury, the situation requires immediate attention and thorough investigation. If you find yourself in this scenario and the daycare is not forthcoming with information, here are five crucial questions you need to ask.

Five Important Questions to Ask After a Catastrophic Daycare Injury

  1. Can I Get a Copy of the Incident Report? If your child has been involved in an incident that resulted in a serious injury or required medical attention, the daycare must complete an incident report. This report should detail the date and time of the incident, the teachers involved, the location, and the actions taken. Failure to provide a completed incident report is a violation of state regulations.

  2. Who Was Responsible for Monitoring My Child? It's essential to know which caregivers were responsible for your child at the time of the incident. This information can help determine if the caregivers were properly trained and had undergone background checks before working with children at the daycare.

  3. Can I See a Video of the Incident? While daycares do not legally require cameras, many do for safety and accountability. Request to see any available footage of the incident. Preserving this video immediately is crucial to prevent it from being deleted. If the daycare is unwilling to share the video, seek the assistance of a daycare injury attorney promptly.

  4. When Did the Incident Happen? Understanding the exact timing of the incident can aid in the investigation and help identify the cause of the injury. Note any inconsistencies in the daycare's account of events. Examples of serious incidents include children left outside or in hot vans, severe burns without emergency response, or children going missing without the daycare alerting authorities.

  5. Have They Reported the Incident to the State? Daycares are required to self-report incidents involving a serious risk of injury or death to the state. Ensure the daycare has reported the incident, and if not, contact the state yourself to initiate an investigation.

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Daycare providers, directors, and employees may not always be forthcoming about incidents to protect their facility's reputation. If you suspect your child's daycare is withholding information, reach out to us. Our experienced Texas daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm are dedicated to ensuring justice and holding responsible parties accountable. We are ready to listen and fight for your family to get justice and help you move forward.

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