Daycare centers can have high staff turnover rates.Texas Daycare Staff Turnover Dangers

Staff turnover is disruptive in any workplace, but it has even more impact in a daycare center. At best, the center might be able to hire qualified professionals, but these people do not know your child yet. At worst, the daycare cannot find qualified professionals, so they remain short-staffed or hire unqualified people who do not know your child and who are not trained to do the job safely. 

When searching for quality daycare for your child, you should ask about the staff turnover rate. Low staff turnover rates point to happy caregivers who are not overly stressed. Kids become attached to their caregivers, and the frequent loss of favorite teachers and the constant appearance of new faces is stressful. 

You can check staff turnover rates at daycare facilities in Texas by going to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, where they keep records of how many staff members leave each daycare in the state.

Also, our Texas daycare neglect lawyer advises you to make sure there is an appropriate ratio of workers to children and observe the interaction between the staff and children. Keep in mind that a happy staff is more likely to deal with children in an upbeat and patient manner. If the staff seems overworked, unhappy, and stressed, this could lead to problems with caregiving. 

Signs of Possible Daycare Abuse or Neglect in Dallas

The following warning signs could point to improper supervision or neglect at your child’s daycare center:

  • Your child is often extremely hungry or thirsty at pick-up time.
  • Your child frequently has to use the bathroom at pick-up time or develops diaper rash often.
  • Your child has cuts and scrapes that have not been treated.
  • Your child suffers frequent injuries while at daycare.

The signs of child abuse are not always overt, but your child might be providing cues in their behavior that could mean they are being hurt:

  • Night terrors and nightmares
  • Being upset when being dropped off at daycare
  • Aggressive or rude behavior that appears all of a sudden
  • Frequent crying
  • Flinching as a reaction to sudden movements

Certainly, some of these situations can occur even if your child is being cared for properly, but it’s better to be safe and take immediate action. 

Investigating Possible Daycare Abuse or Neglect

The suspicion of daycare abuse or neglect is upsetting for every parent, but if changes in your child’s behavior or the appearance of unexplained injuries make you suspicious, you should investigate. 

The first step is to take your child to a doctor. Medical doctors are trained to spot signs of abuse, and they may be able to shed light on the situation. 

You should also talk to other parents of children at the facility. Ask if they have noticed any of the same patterns with their children.

If you still suspect daycare abuse or neglect, it’s time to report it. Once you report your suspicions, the state will begin an investigation into the facility. This investigation can be tough on families, and you will want to enlist the help of an attorney at this time. There will be inquiries not only into the daycare center and its employees, but there will likely be questions about your child’s behavior, family life, daycare experiences, and medical history. An experienced daycare injury lawyer can help you through this emotional process and ensure the investigation is handled properly.

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