Child who has suffered severe head injuryApproximately 6.8% of children, including those in Spring, Texas, have suffered a concussion or brain injury, according to a medical study published in 2021 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In fact, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) were named the leading cause of death and disability in children, as cited in another medical article found in the National Library of Medicine.

These statistics spotlight the risks and dangers of brain injuries to local children, particularly those who attend daycare centers in Spring. That is why, at The Button Law Firm, our Spring daycare injury lawyers want to arm parents with information about these dangerous injuries and provide resources in the event a child suffers a brain injury while in the care of a facility in Spring.

Common Causes of Brain Injuries in Spring, Texas, Daycare Centers

Most often, brain injuries that occur at daycare centers in Spring are caused by neglect or abuse at the hands of daycare staff. With 34.1% of Spring’s population under 18 years old, according to the July 2022 Census report, the rising childcare demands are putting a strain on local facilities. Some daycare centers cut safety corners to meet the demand by hiring unqualified workers or not providing caregivers with proper training and supervision.

Common scenarios where neglect and improper supervision of children at a daycare center in Spring can cause a child’s brain injury include:

In addition, daycare workers in Spring who are not properly trained in caring for infants can grow frustrated and violently shake a child. This dangerous action can lead to shaken baby syndrome, a type of brain injury that destroys a baby’s brain cells, causing severe brain damage and sometimes death.

As you can imagine, brain injuries often have devastating consequences to children. These serious injuries are heartbreaking because they are easily preventable when daycare centers in Spring comply with Texas childcare safety laws. For example, daycare operators in Spring can create safe environments for local children by:

  • Properly vetting employees before hiring them
  • Providing adequate training for employees, including proper discipline tactics
  • Supervising all employees to ensure the children in their care are safe

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Signs Your Child Has Experienced a Brain Injury at a Daycare Center in Spring  

Unlike most injuries to a child’s body, brain injuries are not always obvious. Young children in Spring may not be able to fully communicate their experiences, ailments, or feelings, but a parent understands a child’s mannerisms and behavior patterns best and will be able to tell if something is not right. Here are common symptoms of brain injuries to watch for:

  • Blurred vision
  • Confusion
  • Convulsions or seizures
  • Headaches
  • Numbness or tingling of arms and legs
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Sensitivity to light or sound
  • Slurred speech
  • Trouble concentrating or memory lapse
  • Vomiting

Free Daycare Injury Resources for Spring Parents

Our experienced Spring daycare injury lawyers have also created several free articles to educate parents like you about what to do if your child suffers a brain injury at a local childcare facility:

The Button Law Firm Helps Families in Spring After a Child Experiences a Brain Injury

Our team of experienced and compassionate Spring daycare injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm is dedicated to advocating for you and your family if your child experiences a brain injury at a daycare center in Spring, Texas. We are ready to listen and fight to help your family get justice and move forward. Our attorneys at The Button Law Firm are recognized on the prestigious Texas Super Lawyers list, and we can help guide you after a traumatizing incident involving your child. We work on contingency, meaning we don’t charge you or collect any upfront fees to get started on your case. Call us at 281-857-6116, email [email protected], or fill out a contact form for a free consultation.

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