Child with bruises from daycare abuse and neglectWhy is my child covered in bruises?

You can probably point to a different part of your child’s body on any given day and know why there is a bruise, scrape, or another minor injury. Maybe your child walked into a wall while chasing after the family dog, maybe your child fell on the playground, or maybe another child pulled a toy from your child’s hands a little forcefully.

These injuries are part of childhood, but not every bruise is an accident. Sometimes, consistent or serious bruises are signs of daycare abuse or neglect. If your child came home from daycare with an unexplained bruise, you may be particularly concerned about how your child was treated and what caused the injury. 

When a Bruise from Daycare Is Cause for Concern

The bruising described above is common in toddlerhood, but not all bruising is accidental. You know your child better than anyone else, and if they are not prone to having bruises, you should question if the bruises are accidental or not. Parents should be concerned about bruising that happens to their child at daycare if:

  • Your child is a newborn. Infants rarely experience bruising by accident because they aren’t mobile yet. If your newborn has a bruise when you pick them up from daycare, it is likely a sign of neglect or intentional abuse
  • Bruising occurs on certain parts of the body. Any bruising on the part of the body that is typically covered by a bathing suit or is difficult to bruise during regular childhood activities may be cause for concern. For example, bruises on the neck aren’t easy to incur accidentally.
  • There is a pattern of bruises. A pattern or cluster of bruises on one part of the body may not be the result of an accidental bump or fall and could instead be evidence of abuse or neglect.
  • Your child consistently comes home from daycare with bruises. If your child comes home every day with new bruises or bruises that reoccur in the same spot from daycare, it may be a sign that they are being abused by a caregiver.

When you notice an unexplained or concerning bruise after daycare, you should always seek medical attention for your child. Physicians can provide a full physical exam and often know what signs to look for if you suspect abuse has occurred. Your doctor may also notice other injuries that you missed and can treat them accordingly. 

What to Do if You Suspect Your Child Was Bruised at Daycare Due to Neglect or Abuse

Your child might be too young to tell you exactly what happened. Even if your child is preschool age and talking all the time, your child may be unable to tell you who hurt them, when it happened, how it happened, and who saw it happen. As a parent, here are the steps you should take after you notice a suspicious bruise on your child from daycare. 

  • Report your concerns to the daycare. You have the right to request that the daycare investigate what happened, create an incident report, and provide you with a copy of the incident report. Daycares often have video cameras, and watching the footage can bring you peace of mind or help you file a lawsuit if the caregiver was negligent. If the daycare is unwilling to cooperate, you should contact a lawyer immediately and write down as many details about your child’s injury and possible causes.
  • Report your concerns to the state. In Texas, everyone is a mandatory reporter of child abuse. If you suspect that your child—or any other child—has been neglected or abused, you must report your suspicion immediately by contacting a local or state law enforcement agency or the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. The state will conduct an investigation to determine what occurred and if the daycare was negligent.
  • Make sure a thorough investigation is done. Do not rely solely on the state’s investigation. Instead, contact an experienced daycare injury lawyer who knows what questions to ask, what documents and other evidence to request, and how to get the answers you and your child deserve.

If you need more guidance on what to do after your child is injured or abused at daycare, download our FREE guide, 5 Steps to Take After a Daycare Injury

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