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KFOX14 News ArticleWhat Happened at This El Paso Daycare?

In April 2023, an incident at Mini Me's Child Center in El Paso left a family grappling with the aftermath of a traumatic event. As reported by KFOX14 and CBS4, a 7-year-old boy, left unsupervised, suffered severe injuries when the daycare's large locker fell on him as he reached for his backpack, breaking a nearby table in the process.

The young boy endured a contusion to the left elbow and a lingering severe concussion, prompting the family to seek legal representation. Russell Button, the attorney representing the family, revealed the gravity of the situation in an interview with KFOX14, stating, "The weight of the locker required two adults to be able to lift it up off of there to get the child out. As a result, obviously our client's child had a severe head injury, among other psychological trauma injuries."

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How Mini Me’s Child Center is Being Held Accountable

The family's response to this harrowing incident goes beyond seeking recovery. Their lawsuit against Mini Me's Child Center serves a dual purpose: to hold the daycare accountable and to issue a warning to other childcare facilities about the importance of stringent safety measures.

How Overlooked Safety Protocols Led to This Child’s Injury

Button highlighted several key lapses in Mini Me's safety protocols, which are typically in place to prevent premises liability incidents as well as negligent supervision incidents. He emphasized that the daycare failed to follow manufacturer's instructions, lacked proper anchoring equipment, and neglected proper supervision when the child attempted to retrieve his backpack. Attorney Button elaborated further on the goals of the lawsuit, stating, "Our goal with the lawsuit is twofold. One is to hold other daycares or this daycare accountable to make sure that it doesn't happen again and put others on notice that they need to cross their t's and dot their I's to keep the kids safe."

This incident raises concerns not only about the specific safety practices at Mini Me's Child Center but also about the broader landscape of safety protocols within childcare facilities. The family's legal action aims to serve as caution, urging other daycares to prioritize and adhere to safety guidelines to prevent similar incidents.

The aftermath of this incident has prompted a broader conversation about childcare safety in El Paso and beyond. Parents are becoming increasingly vigilant, and the incident has sparked a sense of wariness about entrusting children to daycare facilities. The sentiment shared by local parents, as highlighted in the KFOX14 article, emphasizes the importance of thorough research and scrutiny when selecting a childcare provider.

Russell Button recommends that parents go beyond the surface in their research. According to the article, he suggested checking publicly listed complaints and the company's history, including any name changes aimed at evading negative publicity, through Texas Health and Human Services’ licensing division. Additionally, he lets parents know that they should conduct comprehensive tours of childcare centers before making a decision.

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The Button Law Firm, representing the affected family, is not only seeking justice through legal avenues but is also advocating for increased vigilance within the childcare industry. The lawsuit is a step towards holding Mini Me's Child Center responsible for the pain and suffering caused to the child.

How The Button Law Firm Helps Families Get Justice After a Daycare Injury

In conclusion, this incident serves as a poignant reminder of the critical importance of safety in childcare settings. The family's pursuit of accountability not only seeks justice for their child but also strives to create a safer environment for all children in daycare facilities.

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