Posted on Apr 18, 2023

Cleaning chemicals that can cause chemical burns if not used correctly.DENTON, TX – Parents of a young child are suing a Denton-area daycare after the child suffered serious injuries from chemical burns because of improperly used cleaning products in children's areas.

What Happened at This Denton, Texas Daycare?

On February 25, 2022, parents Barbara and BoJustin Epting dropped off their one-year-old daughter at her daycare, Springbok Academy.

While at daycare that day, the caregivers who were responsible for caring for the child physically restrained the child and forced her onto a nap mat that was cleaned with a chemical-based cleaner called Carroll Clean Multi-Q Sanitizer, which is a commercial-grade, corrosive disinfectant. The mat did not have any sort of protective covering to protect the child from the chemical.

The chemical caused the one-year-old to have a reaction almost immediately. She cried in pain and showed clear physical signs of distress while she fought to get off the mat for hours. Caregivers continued to place the child back on the nap mat repeatedly, and a caregiver even restrained the child with their leg. The young child turned around while under the leg of the caregiver, crying and touching her face, making the chemical burn injuries worse.

You can read the whole petition here.

How Did This Texas Daycare’s Negligence Lead to a Chemical Burn?

Springbok Academy failed to keep this child safe in a number of ways. When using a commercial-grade cleaning solution, like the Caroll Clean Multi-Q Sanitizer, instructions for the cleaner must be followed meticulously. In this case, the daycare and its employees failed to follow those instructions, which included significantly diluting the chemical solution with water to avoid these very burns. Moreover, if someone does come into contact with the chemical, instructions state that contaminated clothing should be removed and skin should be immediately rinsed with plenty of water for 15-20 minutes.

Yet, when this child came into contact with the chemical, the caregivers at Springbok Academy did not follow the proper steps to help the child, even though she showed signs of discomfort and pain. In fact, other caregivers who weren’t in her classroom could hear her cries of pain.

How The Button Law Firm Holds Negligent Daycares Accountable for Chemical Burns

Incidents like the one that happened at Springbok Academy, are completely avoidable and should never happen. Daycare directors and their staff should always follow the minimum standards set out by the state of Texas – doing so can prevent serious injury or death to innocent children.

Our team is experienced in holding careless and negligent daycares accountable when serious injuries happen to kids in their care.

What to Do if Your Child Suffered a Chemical Burn at Daycare

If you have a child who has suffered from a chemical burn at daycare and you want to know what steps to take next, be sure to reach out to our daycare injury law firm. Our team has helped many families throughout Denton, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Midland, Lubbock, and beyond get justice after their child has been injured in the care of a daycare. Call us at (214)699-4409 or fill out a contact form for a free case evaluation.

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