Posted on Feb 01, 2023

Dallas Morning News article featuring Button Law Firm ClientDALLAS, TEXAS – As reported by the Dallas Morning News in a featured story, the Button Law Firm is representing a working mother in North Texas and her toddler son in a lawsuit against Little Dumplings Daycare after the toddler is seen being inappropriately punished on the live-feed surveillance cameras at the daycare.

Dallas Morning News Features BLF Clients’ Story

The article reports on the events that led to this lawsuit being brought. The toddler’s mother, Ms. Radwan, noticed her son frequently came home with from daycare with unexplained injuries. Taking matters into her own hands, our client began regularly monitoring the daycare’s live-feed cameras. She was shocked to discover a caregiver pushing her son’s head into a pillow, yanking him by the arm to move him to a table, isolating him from the rest of the class, and withholding food and water from him as a form of punishment.

Upon discovering the mistreatment at the daycare, Ms. Radwan notified the daycare’s management, and they admitted to the inappropriate discipline methods. The daycare, however, did not previously notify Ms. Radwan of any of the abuse her son was experiencing.

Daycares are required to report violations of the minimum standards to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Child Care Licensing Division (THHS). Incidents that place a child at risk, incidents of abuse, neglect, and injuries are required to be reported to DFPS and THHS. In this case, Little Dumplings Daycare failed to report the incident to proper state authorities.   

In the article, Attorney Russell Button of The Button Law Firm, a Dallas-based daycare injury law firm experienced in handling cases against abusive and neglectful daycares, is quoted saying “We encourage parents like Ms. Radwan to report any incidents to the state so that they can be properly investigated, held accountable, and, hopefully, protect other children from being harmed.”

What Did This Dallas Mom Do After Discovering Abuse by Her Son’s Daycare

Upon discovering the abuse by the daycare, and realizing the daycare was not taking appropriate action to rectify the situation, this Irving, Texas mom reached out to our Daycare Injury Law Firm to get help.

Our firm is experienced in holding daycares like this one accountable after they have caused damage to a child and family as the result of the daycare’s negligence, including cases of physical and sexual abuse, neglect, improper hiring practices, and poor supervision.

The Button Law Firm is working to get justice for Ms. Radwan and her son. We do this by holding the daycare accountable so that this family has the right tools to recover and move forward from this horrific incident. We want to send a message to other daycares and caregivers who think they can get away with abuse and neglect of children. Children, like Ms. Radwan’s son, should never be subjected to harm at the hands of their daycare.

How The Button Law Firm Can Help If Your Child Was Abused or Neglected at Daycare

The Button Law Firm is experienced in helping families in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Midland and all of Texas get justice after their child was injured at daycare.

If your child has experienced a traumatizing incident or injury at daycare, it’s important to act. Contact our daycare abuse and neglect legal team at The Button Law Firm today. Reach out to us by calling us at (214) 699-4409 or filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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