Posted on May 02, 2024

Fox 31 Denver Features Button Law Firm Daycare LawsuitFox 31 Highlights The Button Law Firm’s Pursuit of Justice After Daycare Cover-Up

DENVER, Colorado – A distressing case of negligence at a Carrollton daycare center comes to light in a recent article by Fox 31. The feature unveils the child's unsettling ordeal and the legal battle that ensues, with The Button Law Firm spearheading efforts for justice.

Fox 31 brings forth details surrounding the incident that rocked the daycare center and its community. The article dives into the heart of the matter, shedding light on the disturbing truth behind the child's facial injuries and the subsequent cover-up attempts by the daycare staff.

Video Evidence Reveals Daycare Negligence Caused a Child’s Facial Injuries

At the center of the case is a video captured by concerned parents, revealing discrepancies between the daycare's account of events and the actual circumstances surrounding the child's injury. The article exposes a troubling narrative of neglect and deceit within the childcare facility.

The incident itself is as distressing as it is revealing. The child, under the supposed care of the daycare center, suffered a significant injury to his lip and a black eye that raised alarm bells among their family. Initially, the daycare staff at LMNOP Children's Academy attributed the injury to a simple fall during playtime. However, the video evidence provided a starkly different reality, showcasing a caregiver dropping the child onto a nap cot and then yanking the cot causing him to fall and hit his head.

Continued Corroboration of a False Narrative at the North Texas Daycare

Fox 31’s article continues on, mentioning that LMNOP Children’s Academy did not contact the mother of the child after the incident occurred, and waited several hours to file a state-mandated incident report. The daycare center also provided the family with incorrect contact information and had a caregiver who was not present for the incident corroborate the false story of the child’s injury.

"Nothing prepares you for watching your young child get seriously hurt by the caregivers who are supposed to keep him safe. I selected LMNOP Children's Academy because of its safety promises," April Marin, the child’s mother, says. "When I saw the surveillance footage, I was in shock. Nothing about the situation that the workers told me was true."

The Button Law Firm Takes Action to Hold LMNOP Children's Academy Accountable

The Button Law Firm stands in support of the child and their family, advocating fiercely for justice and accountability. With Fox 31's spotlight on the case, the community becomes increasingly aware of the gravity of the situation and the urgent need for transparency and reform within the childcare industry.

"Video footage does not lie and, in this case, revealed the truth about our client's son's injury at LMNOP Children's Academy," says daycare injury attorney Russell Button of The Button Law Firm, who represents Marin and her son. "Attempting to cover up a child's injury can put a child's health at risk if parents are not notified and the child does not receive necessary medical care."

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