Posted on Feb 20, 2024

A mother and her daughter in photo together NACOGDOCHES, Texas – Lindsay Tompkins, a mother from Nacogdoches, has taken legal action against Stepping Stones Early Learning Center following a disturbing incident that occurred in May 2023. Tompkins claims that negligence on the part of caregivers at the daycare led to her 3-year-old daughter wandering away from the facility, ultimately ending up on Highway Loop 224, a busy road. The incident has prompted a lawsuit aimed at holding the daycare accountable for neglecting to properly care for the toddler and putting her in serious danger.

What Happened at This East Texas Daycare?

According to the complaint filed by The Button Law Firm, the toddler was found on the side of Highway Loop 224, clutching a doll when concerned passersby noticed her. Shockingly, the daycare staff didn’t even notice the child was gone until two workers from the daycare passed the commotion from the scene and realized it was a child from their daycare. To make matters worse, the daycare attempted to cover up the incident by not reporting it to local law enforcement or the child’s mother. Instead, they called an “urgent meeting” with the mother, claiming that the toddler was crying for her. They claimed that her daughter left the daycare during nap time but only got to the edge of the daycare’s property. However, this claim has been refuted by multiple witnesses and the good Samaritans who found the child.

Afterward, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services investigated the daycare and discovered that two main doors were not locked and didn’t have an alarm system to monitor when doors opened and closed.  The complaint shares more details from the investigation report, stating that Stepping Stones Early Learning Center was cited for neglectful supervision and failing to prevent the incident. A second report stated that the daycare closed its doors voluntarily in June of 2023.

To read the whole filed complaint, click here.

How The Button Law Firm is Working to Hold Stepping Stones Early Learning Center Accountable

The daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm are committed to securing justice for Tompkins and her daughter after this wandering incident. With a track record of advocating for families in cases of daycare negligence and child-related injuries, our firm has taken on this case with determination. Russell Button, founder and a daycare injury attorney at The Button Law Firm, emphasizes the seriousness of the situation, stating, "What happened to this toddler is one of the most shocking cases of daycare negligence we have seen. Stepping Stones Early Learning Center failed a 3-year-old and her mom. The whole point of childcare is to have someone closely watch your child, and hard-working parents like Ms. Tompkins expect their toddlers to be supervised and protected from any harm."

The legal team at The Button Law Firm is dedicated to uncovering the truth surrounding this incident and holding Stepping Stones Early Learning Center accountable for its actions. Through this lawsuit on behalf of this mother and her daughter, our firm aims to secure recovery for damages incurred as a result of the daycare's negligence. By pursuing this case, The Button Law Firm demonstrates its unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of children in daycare settings across Texas.

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